MRT Data Recovery Training in Nanjing in June, 2013

   In June, 2013, MRT Lab and Nanjing WD Technology hosted the data recovery training course jointly in June, 2013. There is abundant teaching content and detailed practical instruction in the training. It gains much favourable comment from trainees. Through training, they learned various data recovery technologies, especially the new repair thinking of WD hard disk. Through many years’ accumulation, MRT firmware laboratory created a efficient hard disk repair project special for WD.  Trainees found that if they use the function of MRT data recovery tool completely, they needn’t to find a back-up to heat exchange when they repair Western Digital hard disk. After training, trainees’ success rate of data recovery has been greatly improved.

    Pictures of the training course:

Bill board at the doorway 



Data recovery training course
Class begins, some trainees havn't arrived because of the long way.


Mr. Chen is giving lessons


MRT hard disk technology training


The trainees are listening carefully

 Data recovery training

Group photo of all participants in this training class:

MRT Data Recovery Training in Nanjing in June, 2013

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