Are You Still Using Tweezers to Repair Seagate Hard Drives? Then You Are Out

It may be necessary to short-circuit in the process of repairing a Seagate hard drive, aiming to make the disk has the access to enter T level, and this is the traditional way to repair Seagate hard drives.

However, it is time-consuming along with low success rate, and when doing a short circuit, a wrong operation may even damage the hard disk directly.

What's more, when system area of a DM or LM series Seagate hard drive was formatted accidentally, is there no any way to repair it?

Now let me introduce a unique function named "Virtual Start" released by MRT Lab, which can solve the problems below:

(1)SA is formatted by mistake and the drive breaks down. You can use virtual start function and write firmware back. Now the virtual start is the only solution for this problem.

(2)Hard drive could not operate any commands nor enter T level. Users can use virtual start, when it was succesfully done, hard drive will be able to enter T level, tedious manual short circuit steps are no longer needed.

(3)Fake readiness. The drive seems ready but could not operate any commands, the capacity is shown as 3.86GB, and users could not get access to user data. If virtual start succeeds, the drive will be truly ready.

Here we'd like to demonstrate the virtual start of LM series, please refer to: Video download link:

Brief operating steps are listed below, please follow the sequence:

1. Back up ROM, LDR, module 3D and other modules.

2. Load backuped ROM, create virtual boot and write virtual boot.

3. Power off and on, then exchange commands.

4. Load module 3D and try to patch one by one.

5. When disk is ready, load LDR.

6. Write the backup of modules and SA ABA.

7. When the write is done, the case is done.

Previously, we can support the the virtual start of DM series, refer to manuals of:


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