MRT WH Seagate and Hitachi Repair Software—Introduction of MRT Former Products

The following describes MRT WH released by MRT Lab in 2009. This product has been out of market. Now we provide it to users of MRT Pro free of charge. Download link can be seen in the product column.
I. Introduction
     HDD industry’s long-awaited WD & Hitachi HDD repairing software -- MRT WH was finally released. It makes up for the functional blank of WD & Hitachi HDDs repair in the market. MRT WH rapidly improves the efficiency of repair and solved numerous problems of WD & Hitachi HDDs. This software is the combination of Mr Shunxue Chen’s work and years of painstaking efforts. To uphold the powerful functions and easy operation of MRT software, we worked day and night to study how to make the HDD decryption algorithms with complex logical relations be handy for operators by carefully planning the layout of software. We believe it soon will be a good helper to everyone.
     This software takes into consideration of the characteristics of both HDD data recovery and HDD repair in batches. It is powerful in function and flexible in operation. Highlights of this software are that it can fully support the WD series on PCI3000, it can fully equals to UDMA with MRT software combined, thus solving the firmware reading and writing problem for new WD HDDs which cannot be recognized; it realizes ingenious MRT(MODULES ROM TRACKS) read and write method on PCI. Additionally, for the unmatch after changing head of L panel in WD HDDs, this software specifically set the module for head adaption to give you a clear idea of how to match. Generating ROM from firmware provides self-adaptation process for ROM module head numbers the, software can not completely solve the problem that adaption parameters of heads count in ROM module cannot be adaptive. It has the features of quick calculation of data area starting address and generating NV-ROM adaptation data etc.
2. Introduction of Function
WD Repair Features
MAVELL ROYL(triangle board) series:
MAVELL ROYL (triangle) Series:
1) The program can automatically load serial parameters.
2) Expand directory in PCI-PC3000 2.27 or above expand the directory, normal read and write firmware.
3) PCI supports converting firmware generation module catalog, track directory.
4) PCI support does not recognize disk reader module and tracks.
5) Check the module where the track, where the address of the sector.
6) track testing, module testing.
7) module address offset.
8) Import and export module,merge modules by track
9) Discretionarily Kill head, meanwhile auto modify SA defects and data adapter.
10) Generate ZONE 03 module.
11) Kill section.
12) Edit ID、modify the firmware version
13) Clear S.M.R.A.T , Clear defects compiler.
14) Edit defects list,clear  P-LIST and G-LIST
15) Remove defective head.
16) Generate ROM and ROM modules from modules
17) Distill the ROM module, Unites the ROM module.
18) Display the ROM dir.
19) Kill ROM head ,meanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter.
20) View and edit the ROM SA defects
21) Launching the self-calibration and modify log.
MAVELL (L board) series:
1)   Display modules dir, edit and modify modules.
2) Test modules.
3) Changing modules address.
4) Adjust the adapter, and load the ROM adapter and external adapter.
5) Kill sector.
6) Edit ID、modify the firmware version.
7) Clear S.M.R.A.T , Clear defects translator.
8) Edit defects list,clear P-LIST and G-LIST.
9) Remove defective head.
10) Display ROM dir.
11) Generate ROM-47 from modules.
12) Kill ROM head ,meanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter
13) Generate ROM from firmware,meanwhile auto modify ROM modules adapter and head map.
14) Launching the self-calibration and modify log.
HITACHI 2.5” Function description
1) Program can automatically load the series parameters.
2) Find out data area starting address
3) Discretionarily Kill head,meanwhile generate sector and data adapter module
4) Generate original ZONE modules.
5) Quickly generate adaptation data for NV-ROM.
6) Edit ID, modify LBA content.
7) Clear P-LIST、G-LIST.
3. About buying
Notes: The product is Stop selling, if you need it, please buy own latest product---MRT Pro.
1. MRT-WH English version unified price:$1200.00(Does not include express costs).
      MRT-WD English version unified price:$600.00(Does not include express costs).
2. Software with installation CD and the dongle.
3. Users can be free to receive WD, Hitachi maintenance technology video; and a lot of hard disk firmware.   
4. Common upgrades are free, but major feature upgrades will be paid. 




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