Some foreign users may encounter the problem that font of MRT program is abonormal. It manifests as bold black letters, incomplete display of icons, pop-upwindow with gibberish. As is shown in the picture: The cause for this is that Chinese Song typ

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The tools is used to change PC3000 UDMA task bitmap files to the identifiable form of MRT, so users could transfer disk mirroring task in UDMA to MRT tools. That is to say, users could do disk mirroring task in PC3000 UDMA, when mirroring a half, use

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Seagate F3 series P-list edit tools. When you use the tools, you should start MRT Pro main program and then the P-list edit tools would started. The tools used for revise, clear and sort out P-list defective lists, it is play an important role in dat

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This is USB to serial port adapter driver, it can be used to driver CP210xs USB to terminal serial adapter. Seagate and Toshiha HDD would use terminal COM interface. Before use USB to COM interface keysets, you need to install the driver. Please clic

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MRT WH is a software product which developed by MRT firmware laboratory in 2009, it was costs 4,000 RMB and now it is used for MRTs expansion tool integrated software provides to MRT Pro users for free. MRT WH is mainly deal with HDD firmware, it is

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The follows are download addresses of MRT Pro data recovery software. MRT Pro data recovery software would update now and then, the premium users could download the latest MRT Pro data recovery software from the follow addresses. Software download

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