SSD 2.1.9.x Asolid AS2258 PS3111 Data Recovery

For the translator issue related to the AS2258 controller, we need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Confirm the controller.

For unfamiliar controller models, we rely on shorting to determine the actual controller ID. This is because many SSD brands do not have the capability to produce NAND chips or develop firmware and controller chips. Their products often use customized solutions, and some brands may modify the original controller model. In such cases, we can only rely on shorting to determine the actual controller.

A commonly recommended method in the video is to check if the circuit board is labeled with "ROM". If not found, the simplest method is to attempt different shorting pins until the controller model can be identified. Additionally, for SSD hang-up issues, it is necessary to keep the shorting in place continuously.

Step 2: Attempt loading the loader and create the translator.

Since version has modified the translator algorithm, if version 9 fails, we can apply same method in versions 2173 and 2184 for testing. The operational methods are nearly the same, mainly to test the effectiveness of the translator algorithm.




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