In recent upgrade, new features have been added to MRT seagate and DE modules. Its ability of repair disk and recover data with MRT was greatly enhanced. So we

Posted at 2014-10-20 by Admin

P-List is used to store defects information recorded in HDD. Damage of P-List will cause the HDD unable to work normally. For seagate F3 series HDDs, writing P-

Posted at 2014-8-29 by Admin

This video demonstrates a typical way to repair seagate F3 series HDDs with MRT Pro. All the operation is done by three steps. This method can solve many common

Posted at 2014-8-27 by Admin

This is a video tutorial of data recovery for seagate F3 series HDDs based on MRT Pro. It demonstrates how to read and write SA tracks. Download link: http://us

Posted at 2014-8-21 by Admin

This video demonstrates how to backup firmware resources of seagate F3 series HDDs with MRT Pro. Download link:

Posted at 2014-8-20 by Admin

Tutorial of how to adapt ROM of seagate F3 HDDs with MRT Pro. It is generally used when ROM structure is damaged or terminal does not respond to instructions. D

Posted at 2014-8-18 by Admin
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