MRT data recovery and HDD repair tools common problem solving

This file is from MRT Laboratory:


1.      Dose this product support IDE interface HDDs?
It can support completely. MRT SATA controller has two SATA interfaces and one IDE interface; it can connect IDE HDDs completely.

2. Does this product provide upgrade service?
Yes, we will continue to upgrade MRT, so that it can support more new series HDDs and provide better after sale service for users. 

3. How to do if MRT SATA controller card damaged?
For non-human damage, we provide one year's change service for free. For human damage, we only charge for controller card's cost price.

 4. Does this product provide technical support?
Yes. For industry characteristics, purchase data recovery product is not only buys tools, the most important is the usage of tools and HDD repair technology. We promise to provide great after sale service for MRT users and provide free or paid technical guidance according to detail situation.


5. What's accessories does MRT includes?
MRT hardware part includes PCIE HDD repair card, USB to UART adapter, serial port to HDD adapter, programming unit block, data connection line, IDE 2.54 to 2.0 adapter and so on. Software part includes USB to UART adapter driver program, SATA HDD repair card driver program, MRT software tools; the tools include DE and factory utilities which support kinds of brand HDDs.


6. How to buy MRT?
If you want to buy MRT, please contact us first, our contact ways is in the bottom of website, website is
After we receive payment, we will express MRT products and accessories to you. When you receive hardware part, you can download MRT software installation package in our official website and install it. After finished, you need to register and activation, you can login our self registration activation system, and website is

You need to register a user account in registration system, and then tell us MRT hardware card serial number (in the back of card you can see serial number label) and your user name which you registered in website. We will bond your user name and hardware card serial number and then you can gain register code. After you gain register code, you can activation MRT software and start the new trip of using MRT.