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Notice: Please read carefully before purchase and use MRT "User License Agreement"

Classification of MRT Offline Version:
The completely MRT offline version    
The MRT repair disk offline version (doesn't include DE)   
The complete offline version of MRT includes all functions. The repair disk offline version of MRT is not has the function of DE in the complete offline version of MRT. If you purchase the offline MRT software now, you can enjoy update repeatedly for free!

Use of MRT Online Version:
MRT Online Version: When you use it for the first time, you just need to make the down payment (including the usage fee of first month).
MRT Online Version: Recharge every month for later use.
The MRT online version includes a package of repair tools and DE, it is totally same as the complete offline version of MRT. The difference between them is that the MRT online version needs to be connected with Internet. It is equal to the divided payments of the complete offline version of MRT. If you recharge for full two years, you can change it to the complete offline version of MRT for free.
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Notes: DE( Data Explorer ) is data pick up tool included in MRT, it is similar to the DE module of PC3000 UDMA and it provides the functions of high speed disk mirroring, separate copy, the development of file system and so on. It could pick up data from hard disk which include a lot of bad tracks. Cooperating with MRT SATA hardware card, it could reach the high speed image ability of 150 MB/s.
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Fittings that can be sold separately:
Because of the large demand, the terminal and instruction head can be sold separately. At present, the similar USB terminal products could not support the F12 generation Seagate HDDs. We can checkout, use USB terminal produced by other factories to connected with the F12 generation Seagate HDDs, lots of them can not show terminal or show messy code so that it can not operate, because the design of USB terminal have bug. MRT USB terminal is dedicated to the repair of HDD, it could connect the terminal of F12 generation Seagate HDDs and all kinds of HDDs and then solve the problem of could not transfer or transfer instability.

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