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 MRT software download (To find it easily later, you can put it into favorite)

The latest English version of MRT data recovery software downloads:
MRT 170705 English offline version
MRT 170705 English online version (online version needs connect to the network)
PS: Users of online version and offline version should download the corresponding installation package. MRT need to register and activation when first time use it or change hardware environment, we have been opened self register and activation system, users can login it to self activation, the website is:

Notes: If you want know the host configuration which MRT introduced or checkout the software and hardware compatible lists of MRT, please click here to view compatible lists.
 MRT auxiliary tools download

1. USB to UART adapter driver
USB to terminal UART adapter driver program download (CP210x)
This is USB to UART adapter driver program; it can drive USB of CP210x to terminal UART adaptor. Seagate, Toshiba and other hard disks would use terminal COM interface, you need to install the driver program before use USB to COM interface adapter board.

2. MRT WH software version (MRT toolset auxiliary tools)
MRT WH software version downloads
MRT WH is hard disk firmware repair software launched by MRT firmware laboratory in 2009, the original price is 600 USD, now it is free for MRT Pro version users. Before use MRT WH software, you need to start MRT Pro main program firstly, and then the MRT WH software could be started. MRT WH is used for deal with firmware files. The main functions are killing head of Western Digital and Hitachi, defects table editor, module isolation, firmware repair and so on. It could cooperate with MRT or PC3000 UDMA.

 MRT former version download
Download addresses of former English version:
MRT 170519 offline version | MRT 170519 online version
 MRT Pro software upgrade log

July 5th, 2017
MRT 170705 version, upgrade to:
- Fix the hardware card version display inaccurate problem

WD utility, upgrade to:
- Fixed an issue that caused crash when loading module by ID with online ARCO
- Built resources into the software

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize reconstruction of S-list
- Optimize A-list to S-list
- Optimize scan and adding bad sectors function,m7e and other families can hide bad sectors by scan
- Optimize support for partial disk clear A-list
- Optimize read and write ROM, add the support for M8E, M9T and other families
- Built resources into the software

Database, upgrade to:
- Optimize support for some Seagate hard disk backup firmware to database

Seagate F3, upgrade to:
- Optimize the handshake rapidness
- Optimize DWF options in virtual start
- Optimize judge about ROM of some families has backup relationship
- Optimize defect list editing menu
- Optimize partial hard disk support BootCode
- Optimize extensibility to create Loader(control with INI configuration file that is user-editable)
- Optimize family 5F to create Loader
- Add high baud rate support in BootCode mode (family ID: 0x87, 0x8C, 0x9B).
- Built resources into the software
- Optimize the function that adding defects to Non-G List
- Optimize 03 module read, add read mode option (Tools -> Backup and Restore tracks -> Read SA ABA)
- Optimize adaptation function to support the editing of individual adaptive parameters
- Optimize access to family 94 system files
- Add family 94 firmware unlock and virtual start
- Optimize the LED problem when some family system files reading

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