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The latest English version of MRT data recovery software downloads:
MRT 2191 English offline version
MRT 2191 English online version
This version is chargeable, Please click here to check the process of update.
Users will be able to update the software for free within 6 months after purchasing hardware.

PS: Users of online version and offline version should download the corresponding installation package. MRT need to register and activation when first time use it or change hardware environment, we have been opened self register and activation system, users can login it to self activation, the website is:

Notes: If you want know the host configuration which MRT introduced or checkout the software and hardware compatible lists of MRT, please click here to view compatible lists.
 MRT former version download
Download addresses of former English version:
MRT 170705 offline version | MRT 170705 online version (Free version:
MRT 2113 offline version | MRT 2113 online version (2.1.1.x)
MRT 2128 offline version | MRT 2128 online version (2.1.2.x)
MRT 2130 offline version | MRT 2130 online version (2.1.3.x)
MRT 2131 offline version | MRT 2131 online version (2.1.3.x) Include SSD function
MRT 2141 offline version | MRT 2141 online version (2.1.4.x) Include SSD function
MRT 2153 offline version | MRT 2153 online version (2.1.5.x) Include SSD function
MRT 2161 offline version | MRT 2161 online version (2.1.6.x) Include SSD function
MRT 2173 offline version | MRT 2173 online version (2.1.7.x) Include SSD function
MRT 2184-OS offline version | MRT 2184-OS online version (2.1.8.x) Include SSD function
 MRT auxiliary tools download

1. MRT new intelligent USB to terminal UART adapter driver download (PL2303)
Apply to WinXP and above
This is new intelligent USB to UART adapter driver program; it can drive new USB of PL2303 to terminal UART adaptor. Seagate, Toshiba and other hard disks would use terminal COM interface, you need to install the driver program before use USB to COM interface adapter board.

2. USB to terminal UART adapter driver download (CP210x)
Apply to WinXP | Apply to Win7 and above
This is USB to UART adapter driver program; it can drive USB of CP210x to terminal UART adaptor. Seagate, Toshiba and other hard disks would use terminal COM interface, you need to install the driver program before use USB to COM interface adapter board.

3. MRT WH software version (MRT toolset auxiliary tools)
MRT WH software version downloads
MRT WH is hard disk firmware repair software launched by MRT firmware laboratory in 2009, the original price is 600 USD, now it is free for MRT Pro version users. Before use MRT WH software, you need to start MRT Pro main program firstly, and then the MRT WH software could be started. MRT WH is used for deal with firmware files. The main functions are killing head of Western Digital and Hitachi, defects table editor, module isolation, firmware repair and so on. It could cooperate with MRT or PC3000 UDMA.

4.MRT SATA Signal Equalizer Driver
CH343SER Driver | MRTChangeSignal
Suitable for MRT SATA Signal Equalizer. Users who purchased the 5-port card should ensure that MRT version or is used. Windows 10 and Windows 11 generally come with built-in drivers. If unsure, simply install directly.

 MRT software upgrade log

September, 25th, 2023 MRT main program, upgrade to 1. Added a new module: MRT Equalizer ROM Tool, used in conjunction with the MRT Signal Equalizer for reading and writing ROM data. Note: Make sure to select the COM port for the equalizer, not the terminal COM port. The interface now displays the COM port. 2. Added shortcut button for signal adjustment on the main interface, used with the MRT Signal Equalizer to adjust signal parameters. 3. Added a global prompt to confirm closing MRT, preventing accidental closure of all windows. 4. Optimized the registration code storage to the system registry. If the system environment remains unchanged, repeated software installations no longer require a registration code. 5. Optimized the opening of the MRT main program. Double-clicking now defaults to opening in administrator mode. Popup program: 1. Adjusted the popup notifications into three categories: announcement popups, tutorial popups, and software upgrade popups. 2. Adjusted the expiration time of the "Ignore" option in popups. The default setting now ignores the current popup for 7 days. 3. Optimized the layout and interface display of popups for a cleaner look. ROM programmer tool: 1. Added chip configurations for IS25WP020, 040, 080. 2. Added auto power-off mechanism after each read/write operation. 3. Released the setting of erase waiting time, increasing adaptability for 2MB chip. 4. Optimized the startup process and operation display in the log interface. 5. Optimized the folder dialog to display as a list. Disk scanning tool: 1. Fixed occasional crashes when the capacity LBA is -1. Hitachi module: 1. Fixed the issue of MRT crashing when clicking on disk format function. Western Digital module, upgrade to 1. Added support for new families: 800069-Palmer72 810011-CarmelR7 810032-AvalonC5 810032-CarmelRP2L 810035-Spyg3 810051-VeniceRP 810051-VeniceRP2L 810070-CarmelRP2L 810082-Fblite2 Note: 810051 headmap creation does not require 190 module. 2.Added firmware unlock for below PCB versions: 810003-1024KB 810030-512KB 810033-512KB 810051-1024KB 810067-512KB 810082-512KB Note: 810070 does not have firmware lock. 3. Restructured the Western Digital 800xx series family panels to be categorized by Family, PCB, Unlock, and ROM size. The new interface provides a smoother user experience. 4. Added the option to unlock firmware from the MRT Equalizer in the firmware unlock dialog. 5. Added the option to disable 411 in the firmware unlock dialog to prevent long busy issues after ROM unlocking, making subsequent processes easier. 6. Added a log report for the selected family in the firmware unlock dialog. 7. Added support for reading T2 files in the Data Explorer factory program. 8. Added the TIS selection panel of unfolding T2 entries for 190 module in T2 editor, specifically for cases where there are multiple TIS markers. 9. Added an option to search for all valid nodes in T2, addressing the following scenarios: when T2 entries in 190 module are incomplete or contain errors, when a new T2 overrides the original T2, search for all possible valid nodes, filter and process them, and generate a new T2 structure. Upload the new T2 to RAM using the T2 editor or load the T2 file into DE factory program to recover data. 10. Added the ability to view the SMR ZONE table. 11. Optimized the size of generated T2 file, changed the capacity value from 512 to 4K, reducing the risk of power failure during data reading operations. 12. Optimized the Western Digital head map in DE and added the option to not use the 190 module for cases where there is a 190 module but it is not utilized in the 810051 scenario. 13. Optimized the default mode for module backup and SA structure detection to use the ID method. 14. Optimized T2 parsing for the 190 module to only read valid data. 15. Optimized memory usage of the 190 module to reduce insufficient memory feedback. 16. Optimized the display of the module offset feature to handle cases where there are no tracks available for offset and no dialog box is displayed. 17. Optimized the saved paths for the original T2 file and processed T2 DumpRowData file for the 190 module. 18. Fixed cursor positioning issue when adjusting the number of display columns in the hex editor. Seagate module, upgraded to 1. Added support for unlocking new AF family firmware, covering certain products from 2021, and 2022, 2023, PCB versions 100835923 REV A/REV B. 2. Added support for the new D0-V15_JanusR2 and D1-V15X_JanusR2 family panels. 3. Added support for unlocking D0 and D1 family firmware. 4. Added support for virtual booting of D0 and D1 families, collected models include: - D0-ST1000DM014-2UB10D - D0-ST2000DM005-2U9102 - D0-ST2000DM008-2UB102 - D0-ST2000DM008-2UB102 - D0-ST4000DM004-2U9104 - D0-ST4000DM009-2U9104 - D1-ST1000DM014-2UB10D PCB version 100870255 R5EV A Note: The new AF/CF/D0/D1 families and future new products do not support direct read/write of ROM in bootcode mode. Physical desoldering with a programmer is required. 5. Added module verification function for 40 module, supports manual selection of data segments and automatic verification. Please check data source selection icon after opening 40 module in module list. 6. Added an option in settings: save virtual ROM at virtual boot 7. Added an option to ignore error and continue reading in system file list. Useful in cases where the 348 header data of AF family is damaged and cannot be read conventionally. 8. Updated MRT Loader factory firmware package, added more official firmware, and adjusted the flash generic firmware function. Note: The new package Seagate.ldr requires an upgrade to version 2191 or above, while the old package sgtsaldr.ldr is only used in version 2184 and earlier. 9. Optimized the logic for searching the Preamp type in editing SAP logical mark in ROM tool, and default display of 0x0000 data when not found. 10. Optimized the display issue of BC family logical head map (encrypted type). 11. Optimized the overall verification of CAP RAP SAP, supports verification values in the middle of the data. 12. Fixed the software crash issue when clicking the ROM adaptation function in the 70 family to generate a NEW ROM. 13. Fixed failure of head parameter adaptation in the ROM tool. 14. Fixed overall verification failure in RAP for certain family models. 15. Fixed the data saving error after opening P-list in Edit 03 function. 16. Modified and standardized the wording display of certain functions. Data Explorer module, upgraded to 1. Added parsing support for the .xfs file system. 2. Added a shortcut button for signal adjustment, working in conjunction with the MRT Signal Equalizer to adjust signal parameters. 3. Added a setting option to skip Seagate 241A and sEDU sectors. 4. Added a right-click option in file explorer: Save current expanded directory structure and complete directory structure as a .dtst file. 5. Added a right-click option in file browsing: Classify and sort files for easy extraction. 6. Added a linked mechanism for single sector copy mode and read block size between 512 and 4K hard drives. 7. Added log display when saving files 8. Optimized default initialization copy parameters to improve adaptability and reduce the number of parameter adjustments. 9. Optimized the logical function of saving files to include only the parent folder and complete path, reducing folder hierarchy and path length. 10. Optimized the selection of head map, with all heads selected by default. 11. Optimized the recursive writing method for marking valid data in .xfs file systems, improving program stability. 12. Fixed the issue of failed expansion due to damaged DBR in NTFS system search partitions, using backup DBR data for parsing. 13. Fixed the issue of incorrect size calculation for multiple items in .xfs file systems. 14. Fixed the error display issue when viewing size statistics for multiple marked items. 15. Fixed the issue of occasionally displaying other menus when right-clicking in the tree control. SSD module: 1. Optimized migration of Access database to SQlite database. Silicon Motion controller, upgraded to version 1. Reconstructed the algorithm for creating virtual translator in SM2258XT family. 2. Added initialization process for SM2258XT to reduce information retrieval error rate. 3. Added SSD brand and model for HP H6008 (SM2258XT). 4. Added multiple SM2258XT Loader resources: - P0617B0 58TLC_00 - P0628B0 58TLC_00 - P1218A0 IM3D_00 - Q0109A0 HY14_00 - Q0602A0 BiCS2_01 - Q0626A0 BiCS2_00 - Q1115A0 IMB16_00 - R0314B0 IM3D_00 - R0423A0 IM3D28_00 - R0427A0 BiCS3_02 - R0724A0 SS14_00 - S0108A0 IMB17_00 - U0817A0 TBiCS4_04(AD) - U0330A0 YMTC_00(AD) - U0401A0 SN1Z2P_00(AD) - T0521A0 BiCS3_02 - S0628A0 LBiCS3_02 - S0719A0 B05_00 - S0724B0 HYNV4_00 - T0803B0 TBiCS4_04(AD) 5. Added category filter for Loader resources. 6. Optimized 2258XT loading and relocation block table algorithm. 7. Optimized 2258XT loading CP list algorithm. Phison controller, upgraded to 1. Added support for the following PS3111 SSD brands and models: - Silicon Power2 A55 - Patriot Burst - GOODRAM IRDM - Lite-On PH4 - Lite-On PH6 - Silicon Power A56 - Gigabyte GSTFS31 - Foxline FLSSDX6SE - Apacer AS340 - Apacer AS350 2. Added several PS3111 loaders: - Burner_PS3109_01.6 - Burner_PS3111_61.5 - Burner_PS3111_71F1_K - Burner_PS3111_11.3 - Burner_PS3111_B1H5_K - Burner_HG2258_E1.3 - Burner_HG2258_EA2 - Burner_HG2258_EB1.0 3. Reconstructed the algorithm for creating virtual translator for PS3111. 4. Optimized the algorithm for relocating block tables. 5. Optimized the algorithm for loading CP list. 6. Optimized and added scanning algorithms and data reading methods required for compiler creation. 7. Optimized and increased the acquisition of a large amount of internal data to serve translator creation. 8. Optimized log information printing and interface refreshing for more intuitive operation display. 9. Optimized runtime memory to improve execution speed. 10. Fixed stuttering issues when obtaining internal data and resolved issues of process termination and incorrect feedback of acquired information. 11. Fixed the issue of incorrect file sizes in older version auxiliary files.
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