MRT User License Agreement and MRT online version sales

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MRT online version sales plan:
1. When you use MRT Online Version for the first time, you just need to make the down payment. The fee includes the first month's use fee and basic technical support fee. Basic technical support includes routine HDD repair and data recovery tutorials, solution of MRT basic problem solving and basic technology training video tutorials. MRT hardware card is a present for free. If users need senior technology support, you can contact us and fees are negotiable.
2. Recharge every month for later use. Users can self-service recharging in website or contact us to recharging.
3. MRT online version is equal to installment plan of offline version. Every time users recharged once, they will gain corresponding accumulate points. When this online version product's accumulative recharge reached 23 months, users can change the corresponding online version to offline version for free! That is to say, online version is two years' installment plan, if users put the first time use fees and subsequent charging fees reached offline version' price and installment plan interests, users can change this online version to offline version and they can get rid of the shackles of networking! If users have several online version products, the product which finished installment plan can be changed to corresponding offline version.
4. Users can upgrade MRT online version to offline version at any time, they just need to make up the difference and installment plan interests, and upgrade to offline version in three months can enjoy interest free.
5. If MRT hardware card man-made damage by users, we can repair of change it for you with cost charged.
6. MRT offline version users can enjoy senior technical supports and MRT online users can only enjoy basic technical supports.
7. The right of final interpretation of above articles are belong to MRT laboratory.


MRT online version usage:
1. Firstly users need to contact us or agents (you can check out contact ways in website), pay the first use fees (the first month's use fees), and then we will express MRT hardware to users.
2. When users receive MRT hardware, they need to download online version software install program and install MRT.
3. After finish installs software, users need to activation when first time uses it, they need to register a user's account in self activation system in our website. And then users need to contact us, tell us user name which user registered and MRT hardware card serial number they received, we will bond user's account and hardware card of the serial number, we will open the first month's use authority. And then we can login registration system and gain register code and activation it.
4. After activation, user can use MRT like the common offline version. MRT online version and offline version have no difference in functions; the only difference is that online version can be used when networking. Users can login self registration system website at any time, they can check MRT device list and their expiration time in "My device" of user's area.
5. After user's use period expired, MRT online version can't boot and inform use period expired. If users need continue to use it, they can recharge. Users can login self registration system website and find hardware card serial number of its own in "My device" of user's area, and then click "recharge" button and recharge. After recharge it, MRT will open again and can be used immediately and needn't activation again. If users doesn't want to self recharge online, they can also contact our staffs through MSN or telephone directly to artificial recharge.


MRT User License Agreement

Please read the follow articles before you buy and use the software, it includes exemption clause of limitation and exemption to the users or limit the responsibility. TheUser License Agreement” is about MRT software products legal agreements between users and Wuhan Situofu science and technology company, your purchase and use are regard as receive “User License Agreement” and agree every article in "User License Agreement":

1. MRT software is protected by the law, please don’t spread the related files of the software and any other related information in any way, and the unauthorized use for external person or use beyond the limit range, or we must investigate legal responsibility.

2. The software products’ related rights or interests such as copyright, intellectual property right and so on (include but not limited in have been gained or will gain in the future’s copyright, patent right, trade mark right, business secret and so on) is belong to Wuhan Situofu science and technology company. The software products are protected by the People's Republic of China copyright law, the international copyright treaties and other intellectual property right and treaties.

3. You can’t reverse engineering, reverse translate and reverse compilation to the software products, and you also can’t destroy all information about copyright of the software and other back up copy and you can’t make and provide register machine and crack program of the software.

4. When you disagree or against the “User License Agreement”, the agreement will stop, you must destroy the software products and all back up copy of every part of the software immediately, Wuhan Situofu science and technology company will reserves held accountable through legal means.

5. Wuhan Situofu science and technology company reserves the right to upgrade software and modified functions, contents, structures, interfaces, operation modes and so on.

6. We don’t provide any ensure for the software’s use. Owner of the copyright will not ensure the applicability of the software products and not ensure it has no breakdown; and not responsible for any lose when users use the software. For any damage because of the use of software or can’t use the software, owner of the copyright needn’t bear the legal responsibility.

7. Users should read "MRT software and hardware compatibility list" before buy MRT to ensure user’s computer software and hardware environment accord with MRT compatibility. Users buy MRT software is regard as they accept MRT software and hardware compatibility demand.

MRT laboratory has the final right to interpret and right of revision for each article above. If users have objection for explanation or revision of MRT laboratory, they should stop using the software products immediately. Users continue to use the software products is regard as accept explanation or revision of MRT laboratory.


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