Detailed Installation Process of MRT: ⑤ Installation of Driver

This part is mainly to explain the detail operation in MRT installation processes by video tutorials. Through detailed operation of video tutorials, users are easy to understand FAQ approaches in MRT installation processes.
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The following is common operations you may meet in installation processes:
1. MRT installation processes and adding the anti-virus software white list
You need to close anti-virus software completely when installing MRT. After installation is finished, you need to add MRT related documents into white list to avoid anti-virus software killing MRT documents by mistake. Different anti-virus software has different operation processes. The following is a common anti-virus software to add white list.
Notice: You must close anti-virus software before downloading MRT, otherwise MRT installation package will be killed by anti-virus software by mistake.
Firstly, we close 360 anti-virus and 360 security guards, and then log in MRT website to download installation package.
After that, install it first and then add it into white list.
Then scan the whole installation folder and the anti-virus software will report virus and then you can add it into white list.
After that, add driver into white list.
It is in the folder of C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\mrtatarx.sys
Now we finished add it into 360 anti-virus white list, and then we continue to add it into 360 security guard, because they are two different softwares.
Finally, we can add installation package into white list to avoid installation package is killed by mistake and you needn’t download it on the website again.
Those are operations of 360 anti-virus and 360 security guard.
Let’s see Kingsoft and Kingsoft security guard.
Now we have installed Kingsoft and Kingsoft security. They are two softwares and need to add to white list respectively. When you are installing MRT, we need to close Kingsoft and Kingsoft security guard completely.
Quit them first, and then install MRT.
After installed MRT, add MRT documents into Kingsoft’s white list.
Then add Kingsoft security guard in to white list.
In this way, we finished adding white list. You’d better add installation program into white list to avoid being deleted.
It is similar to other anti-virus softwares operation.
Firstly, Find QQ butler which we have been installed, then close it and install MRT.
Then add MRT documents into white list.
Those are the processes of adding white list of QQ butler .

2. Installing drive program by manual operation
Sometimes, we need to install drive program by manual operation. The processes of installing MRT drive program by manual operation are shown in the video.
1) If you try to install drive program automatically, it will release two documents. If you install automatically fails, you can try to install it by manual operation. The process is:
2) Open device manager, find MRT firmware card device in device manager. Because the drive doesn’t been installed correctly, device name is incorrect in this moment and you need to find the incorrect service. In general, you can find it in “IDE ATA/ATAPI controller” or “SCSI/RAID controller”.
3) This device is the spare device in device manager after inserting MRT card, so we can affirm it is MRT card device.
4) Now we install MRT drive in this device by manual operation.
5) After the above processes, we finished installing drive by manual operation and it will take effect after restart.

3. Switch to IDE model
Switching to IDE model can solve the problem that ATA1 has no status. Operation process is shown in video.
1) Enter IDE model
2) Quit IDE model
3) Then ATA1 interface condition is normal

4. Unload and re-install USB to COM port drive (CP210x drive)
It is used to solve the problem of software stuck when factory module is enumerating COM ports. Operation process is shown in video.
When you run CP210x drive installation program at the first time, and after you run this program again, you will enter to maintenance model. And you can unload it then.
Choose remove and unload it. At this time, drivers still have residual. We need to unload the rest drivers.
Checked COM port in device manager and then unload it. After that, you must reboot computer so that the locked documents can be released. Reboot computer, unplug USB to COM device hardware, and then reset CP210x driver and plug hardware. In this way, you can reset CP210x driver completely.

5. The processes of MRT upgrade installation
MRT upgrade can cover the primary installation directory directly.
If you want to preserve the old version at the same time, the new program could be unzipped to another directory.
You can run MrtSetup.exe directly to unzip it automatically or use WinRar unzip directly. If you unzip it by WinRar, it wouldn’t execute SFX script and wouldn’t create MRT desktop shortcut. Except for that, there is no difference.
Then tow the former MrtKey.txt file to the installation directory and you can use it.
We can see if we copy Mrt to other places, it can be used normally as long as the located HDD serial number doesn’t changed.
The above are the common problems of MRT video processing operation.



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