Hitachi-ARM virtual translator instructions for use


Hitachi-ARM virtual translator
1. Create a virtual translator in factory program directly.
When Hitachi ARM series HDDs change head or poor head adapter, it is easy to appear the former after the bad. The symptom is when first boot Hitachi-ARM factory program, HDD can’t be identified, then quit and boot Hitachi-ARM factory program, it is normal but translator couldn't load normally. It leads to the former data could be visited normally and the after couldn’t. Use MRT disk scan tools to scan, the former sectors normal (depend on the specific HDDs), but the after is all bad.
Right now, you can use the virtual translator function of MRT Hitachi-ARM factory program, aim at HDD programs of 2.5” and 3.5” to use the corresponded function of virtual translator. As picture 1 show:
                                 Picture 1
Select corresponded loading way in load options dialog box, as picture 2 show:
                                   Picture 2
1. Load from HDD: This way is mainly used for the situation that module can be read normally.
2. Load from files: This way is mainly used when module couldn’t read normally. Users can click successively “Tools-View firmware object-View and edit HDD resource” (as shown in picture 3), open the dialog box “HDD resource viewer” (as shown in picture 4). Checked “Ignore read fail” in the pop-up dialog box and read Copy0 and Copy1 in corresponded modules. Then repair the fail part, default fill “21” to some programs which not read out. Users could search “21212121” of hhexadecimals values in WinHex to make sure the fail part.
                            Picture 3
                  Picture 4
    It is mainly repair PSHT and RDMT module, after repair it, it could use the way of “load from files” to create a virtual translator.
After complete virtual translator, if program doesn’t report error, it means create virtual translator successful. If you want to make sure whether translator can work normally or not, you could open “disk scan tools” to scan the last few sectors or use “sector viewer” to viewer whether the last few sectors are normal or not.
2. Select “read in factory program” in DE/DR
       Once use “virtual translator”, HDD couldn’t hard reset and execute power down operation. But some bad condition HDDs must set up hard reset and power down operation. For this situation, when DE/ER copy data, you could set up “transfer module” to “use factory program to read and write” in tab “task parameter”. As picture 5 show:
Picture 5
       Users can set up “hard reset” and “power down” operation after use this function.  It will execute correspond operation when it needs. After that, factory program will recreate “virtual translator”, if module couldn’t read normally, program will try to repair PSHT and RDMT, in this process, the whole program may hang up. For some HDDs which “RDMT” module can’t read, users can remove the option of “whether virtual G-List defects”, then when create virtual translator, it doesn’t read “RDMT” module any more.
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