This file introduces Hitachi HDD repair technologies of MRT. It introduces essential knowledge of Hitachi HDD repair systematically and repair thinking and methods of common breakdown. And it also introduces the functions and performances of Hitachi

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Hitachi-ARM virtual translator 1. Create a virtual translator in factory program directly. When Hitachi ARM series HDDs change head or poor head adapter, it is easy to appear the former after the bad. The symptom is when first boot Hitachi-ARM facto

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Hitachi ARM series HDDs have a common breakdown whichis the former after the bad. This problem is usually the original head is breakdown and then changed a new head, after that it has the problem of the former after the bad. That is to say, the LBAs

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1. Boot program MRT is an outstanding data recovery tool, at present we publishes Hitachi repair module, it has a powerful function in Hitachi HDD repair. It provides two models when boot Hitachi repair specialized module of MRT tools: common model a

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MRT Hitachi repair tools. Click the menu of Calibrate NV-RAM entrance, firstly it will pop up directory settings dialog box, require users to set the current work directory. After finished, it will pop up parameter setting dialog box of Calibrate NV-

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MRT history products Video tutorials of MRT WH versions usage MRT WH is a pure software version tools, it can write firmware into HDDs with the help of PC3000. At present MRT has been published the latest products MRT Pro, with the hardware card, ope

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