Today we will introduce the tutorial of Hitachi disk password removal. Hitachi hard d rive includes two series . O ne is Hitachi - IBM series, and the other is Hitachi - IBM - ARM series. The hard disk in the video belongs to Hitachi - IBM - ARM ser

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This file introduces Hitachi HDD repair technologies of MRT. It introduces essential knowledge of Hitachi HDD repair systematically and repair thinking and methods of common breakdown. And it also introduces the functions and performances of Hitachi

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When Hitachi ARM series HDDs change head or poor head adapter, it is easy to appear the former after the bad. The symptom is when first boot Hitachi-ARM factory program, HDD cant be identified, then quit and boot Hitachi-ARM factory program, it is no

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1.Click kill head in Hitachi-IBM utility menu. Firstly, it will pop up dialog box of working directory set up and require users to set up the current working directory shown as below: Then, it will pop up kill head dialog box shown as below. Di

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Hitachi ARM series HDDs have a common breakdown, which shows that the former area of user area is accessible but the latter area is inaccessible. The behaviour is quite similar to Seagate partial access issue. This problem is usually caused by repla

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1. Boot program MRT is an outstanding data recovery tool, at present we publishes Hitachi repair module, it has a powerful function in Hitachi HDD repair. It provides two models when boot Hitachi repair specialized module of MRT tools: common mode l

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There is one situation that we may occasionally encounter when handling a Hitachi-IBM drive.That is NVRAM data corruption. Under this situation, we need to seek a donor drive and use donor NVRAM data as source data and then try MRT NVRAM adjustment f

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