Introduction of and Upgrade Log


MRT 2140 version,version number:
The version adds SSD utility and the activation of SSD utility will cost user another fee.
About upgrade log please refer to the SSD section of version.
This is a brief introduction about Upgrade log of version.
Followings are two articles for preview:
Preview of the MRT 2.1.4.x Version:
MRT 2.1.4.x Global Interactive Experience Innovation:
Upgrade Plan for and
For better understanding of this new version, we strongly recommend users to read articles above!
Main Program:
We upgraded all the icons on a global level and added Sleep and Awake button in the main interface in case of necessary status reset for HDD before entering the corresponding utility.
We made descriptions for some of those new features so as to help users better understand the function. Vital features are highlighted for attention.
As for Data Recovery, we recently offered a solution to the issue that it is difficult to Read/Write ROM for LM drives. Both unlock and virtual start is supported. Edit ID in RAM is not used for ID modification, it is used to close or open some special features of the drive. These features are very important for data recovery task. The invention LED firmware attached in virtual start is of great innovation for LM drive repairs,which consists of two sets of firmwares dealing with corresponding types of drives. The customized firmware in virtual start deals solely with LED issues, if the currently applied firmware doesn't solve the issue, users may try the other one. The solution is capable of solving most of the LED issues of LM drives (family ID 8C/9A). We enhanced Password Remove so as to cope with more cases. For diagnostic lock of family 0x63 and 0x70 we add 2 features of removing the lock in RAM tool.When power supply is reset, you need to unlock it again.
As for refurbishment, this new version added head shield of the drives belonging to family ID 59 with 6 heads. Since there are repairers requiring us to have more functions for refurbishment, we will invest more human resource to make research about refurbishment. We also enhanced the function of directly transferring defects scanned into P-list. Currently there are 12 categories of P-list ,available 8 of which has been supported. Due to the request of some customers, we added a function to modify several smart parameters such as power-on time. Of course some parameters are forbidden to be changed.
We illustrated in the above articles the details of other functions and optimization, the most significant one of which is that the COM port experience has been drastically improved so as to make it more smooth and convenient.
Western Digital:
As for those drives mounted with PCB Version 8000xx,we added into our family interface three new types:Charger,Spyglass and Palmer. All of them can be correctly recognized and their module 01 is well analyzed and capable of being rebuilt. Most of the users are concerned with the possibility to remove PCB lock, unfortunately there is no practical method to solve it by software at present. Headmap for those families has been supported for the convenience of data extraction. Since the repair of WD drives depends on the accessibility of modules, we enhanced module offset function to make it automatically disable bad sectors on the target track. The specifics are listed in the right-click menu of modules. Make sure heads are functioning before trying this function.
Other upgrade stuffs mainly aims to make software more friendly. Since the layout of icons has been changed to a great degree, users have to spend some time to get familiar with the new version.
In previous versions, users complain the Samsung software lacks of stability and useful functions. We assigned more engineers to improve Samsung utility to cope with this predicament. As for Samsung malfunctions, most issues are related to ROM damage, a condition of which can be fixed by loading burn-in test resources. In order to make it more convenient and logic, we renovated the software in a lot of respects.
DE and VR:
According to the advice by our customers,we put our concentration on file system and diagnosis of MFT. We added a very important feature,DE diagnostic mode, under which there is a File Explorer Mode placed on the right flank of the File Explorer. These two modes are independent and switchable.
The file explorer mode consists of auto-searching MFT and manually editing MFT, which is suitable for users with strong theoretical knowledge. Software will not modify original user data under this browsing mode, all the operations take into effect in an isolated environment.
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