WD HDD repair example 2

 5. Now it’s time to use low level format, which consider G and P. In the long time waiting, maybe 20 minutes, finally finished formatting.
6. Quit PC3K, use MHDD to scan, it’s OK. There has no cyan S. I think the HDD is recovered.
7. Follow is use FDISK partition and FORMAT. No problem, no bad tracks. ( For small capacity HDDs like 20G, I’d like to use FDISK to partition, because FDISK has the function of checkout and know there is no big problems in partition processes.) 

PC3000 repair WD on disk failures
WD HDD repair is difference from other HDD repairs, its inner structure has great different from others. The point that HDD is exact same as each other is wrong, their technologies are different. So WD is called Military special HDD. WD HDD can be divided into:
1. BIOS breakdown
2. Drive IC breakdown
3. Lost parameter
Firstly, jump 3 jumper line and operate circuit board off plate, testing circuit board, remove the problem of BIOS, if it has no problem, enter to jump 1 jumper line, force enter to HDD and repair its modules. Maybe it has servo error, but users with card could ignore it, quit and login again. You need to be patient before you enter to the main menu, if you lose patient it may appear errors, just wait.
Force to write WD firmware, recreate WD2.01 sectors, it is very important, at the same time, PC3000 force to control HDD from stall to run-up. The HDD could seek tracks normally.

Repair WD153AA
Breakdown HDD: WD153AA
S/N;WMA2L 301 6251
Breakdown phenomenon:
It can identify HDD in first boot, but it can’t be identified in the second boot
Repair process:
Test by PC3000 D version, it only show number of cylinders, heads, it couldn’t show number of sectors, test firmware error.
Negative area scan normally
Can’t logical scan
According to the above situation, it could be primary seen as firmware error
So write in the good firmware wd153AA-oobaa0. But finally it reports error, press confirm key, program have no response and IDE light doesn’t come on, the normal is a bright flash. But press Ctrl+Alt+Del key could hot start.


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