Advanced Data Recovery Tutorial of Encrypted WD USB Drives



Instructions of viewing progress:

If there are five characters to enumerate and all minuscules, 26 alphabets, are selected, the alphabets will be arranged randomly at the place of the five characters until all possibilities are tested. If there is just one task, then the task progress will be performed from 0,0,0,0,0 ->0,0,0,0,1->0,0,0,0,2 … ->0,0,0,0,26 -> 0,0,0,1,0 … >0,0,0,1,26 to 26,26,26,26. When the first number becomes 1, the whole progress has performed 1/26.

The time the task has taken will show above the progress list. We can estimate the whole time of completing the guessing task according to the shown time and the task progress.

Decryption video link of encrypted WD USB drives:

The above all are the contents of advanced data recovery tutorial of encrypted WD USB drives, thanks for your reading.



Decryption settings are not complicated. There is a user password box, input the password here if the user have set one. If not, we do not have to input anything.

There is an option named “Try to use inbuilt USER KEY” on the right, which is clicked by default. It is recommended to click this option on if the user does not input a password.

There is a HDD KEY list, WD Security cryptographic security system will store EDEK data within the disk, and EDEK data is needed when decrypting. A new KEY will be generated combined with EDEK data and user password and it will be used to decrypt the correct data out. Click “Auto Check”, EDEK data will be obtained automatically and saved as a file, so next time, we can try to use “Loaded from the file” option. When clicking “Auto Check”, if “Ignore self encryption” is not selected, software will detect this kind of KEY with first priority; if it is not selected, software will ignore the detection of the KEY type with “self encryption”. If the user does not know whether “Ignore self encryption” should be selected, we would like to suggest to click it on first, then try to read out sector 0 and see whether the data is correct or not. If the data is wrong, then click this option off, and check the data in sector 0 again. In other words, we need to try different option combinations, and use the combination which can decrypt the data successfully. Click “OK” when all options are set; and we can click “Cancel” to cancel all settings.

Decryption video link of encrypted WD USB drives:

Part Three: Retrieving user’s password of WD USB drives

Since WD Security is a cryptographic security lock with a strict encrypting and decrypting system, so there is little possibility that data recovery can be performed if the user has forgot its password. In this situation, the function of “Tools -> Retrieve user password of encrypted USB HDD” in WD utility can be used to retrieve the password, which makes it possible to recover the stored data.

The operating theory of this function is to delimit a scope based on user’s fuzzy remembrance so that our program can try to use trial-and-error method to guess the user password.



Part Two: How to use MRT software to recover the data from encrypted WD USB drives

We know that WD Security is a cryptographic security lock designed by Western Digital company. And this security lock is only supported on portable USB drives like My Passport and My Book. There is one encryption chip on the PCB board, so the stored data is in a state of being encrypted. That is to say, when we convert USB interface to SATA interface, the read-out data is also in an encrypted state. And in this situation, we need to use the decryption function in MRT software.

The location of USB decryption function in MRT software:

1. In WD utility, choose “Tools->User Sector Viewer” to view new sectors, there is a button named “Decryption” on the dialog box. Click this button, an interface of decryption options will pop up. Decryption will take effect when these options are set, then users can see the decrypted data when they view sectors.

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