ST 2.1.4.x How to Create LDR and 3D

 This article will demonstrate how to create LDR and 3D in the form of video.

LDR is commonly used for environment initialization of firmware reading and writing.
3D equals module 3D or sys file 20D that is used for a powerful feature, namely MRT Virtual Start.
Except manual way in the video to create the resource one by one,you can use “Hard Disk Resource Backup” in “Tools“ to backup LDR and 3D.Please keep in mind that creating LDR and 3D needs to obtain sys file list first.Otherwise, program will report failure.
When getting sys file list fails, excluding the physical connection problem of serial port device, what we need to consider is whether there is firmware unlock for the drive.From family selection panel we can find a mark of firmware lock support.When there exists that mark, users should confirm it on terminal window by inputting /CQ command.
Here is the link about ROM operation of firmware unlock and restoration:


When firmware resource is not available to be accessed, please refer to the link below to seek a matched LDR or 3D:


In the video you may see some Chinese characters,which are normal circumstances because this tutorial was made under CN OS.Some dialog windows use an OS framework.When using EN OS, those will be normally displayed with English words.
Here are some basic translations:
是 = Yes/OK
否 = No/Cancel
确定 = Yes/OK
保存 = Save
取消 = Cancel


Download link of video tutorial:

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