ST 2.1.4.x Firmware Unlocking and ROM Restoration

This article will demonstrate the operation of unlocking and restoring ROM of Seagate hard drive with firmware lock in the form of video tutorial.

Please note that for Seagate hard drives, the first operation is to obtain family ID,please refer to the following link:

In the tutorial, we use /CQ command after gaining T level to confirm whether there is a firmware lock. After unlocking, we need to power off and on drive, and shake hands to complete the unlocking process.The automatic unlocking method performs the operation of handshake automatically after a fixed time. If the “MRT Unlock sign does not appear but handshake is done, the log window will show success of unlocking firmware and failure of handshake. At this time, it is necessary to power off and on disk again, and then manually click the"handshake" button.

When the automatic unlocking method is applied to the unlocked ROM again, the log interface will indicate that the unlock has failed and report that the ROM has been unlocked. Meanwhile, in the current working folder program will also save current ROM before unlocking.

After unlocking, we demonstrated backup operations of some important firmware,which are vital to data recovery for many Seagate hard drives.

In the tutorial we were using new terminal adaptor,which supports 3Mb and 6Mb baud rate.Some operations were done in 6Mb baud rate. When using old terminal , the default 460800 baud rate is recommended.


Download link of video tutorial:

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