ST 2.1.4.x How to Use ABA Tool to RW Sys File

This article will demonstrate how to use ABA tool to RW sys file in the form of video.

The demonstration will be divided into 2 parts:
Use shortcut button on the right side of sys file list and choose separate ABA tool to RW sys file.
Please keep in mind that ABA tool adopts hex data of ABA and size.The starting characters of “0x” cannot be ignored.
In the video you may see some Chinese characters,which are normal circumstances because this tutorial was made under CN OS.Some dialog windows use an OS framework.When using EN OS, those will be normally displayed with English words.
Here are some basic translations:
是 = Yes/OK
否 = No/Cancel
确定 = Yes/OK
保存 = Save
取消 = Cancel
Download link of video tutorial:
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