ST 2.1.4.x Advanced Tutorial of Virtual Start for EB01 Unlock

The article focuses on the solution for firmware unlock issues of Seagate EB01 which requires the assistance and support of virtual start and accessibility to ROM of family AF.

The drive used in the demonstration is a laptop drive 2.5 ST1000LM035 with firmware version EB01 produced on April 26th 2019.

ST 2.1.4.x Advanced Tutorial of Virtual Start for EB01 Unlock


From the information we have hitherto collected, we summarized the following features about Seagate's new firmware:
1. Some LM035 and LM007 drives belong to family AF rather than family 8C and A5
2. A new feature has been added to family AF:Previous ROM read/write strategy doesn’t work on family AF, a condition which may appear to a large part of drives produced henceforth.So we developed a new strategy for ROM read/write operations in version For versions that preceded it, users have to perform ROM read/write operation with the assistance of ROM Programmer.
3. The firmware versions already known for family AF are EB01 and 0001,the drive models of which include,but are not limited to, LM035 and LM007.
4. LM035/LM007-EB01 whose date of manufacture is in and after March 2019 shall be unlocked by the new strategy to be introduced here, since the previous strategy of unlock is not compatible with the drives mentioned here or may lead to LED problems even after being performed forcibly.
The article will offer users the details about how to unlock the drive with the new strategy. There are two preliminaries: Original ROM from drives of EB01 and the firmwares from matchable EB01 drives that has already been unlocked. Here are the details:
ST 2.1.4.x Advanced Tutorial of Virtual Start for EB01 Unlock


Model, PN, FW version and the first three,at least two,digits of SN shall be identical.
For the convenience of users,we offer some collected EB01 resources packed together with video tutorial.In order to decrease the size of package,we only add ROM,LDR and 3D resources.
Attention:In the video we used baud rate of 6Mb,which is supported by majority of LM series HDD and 3Mb as well.To use this baud rate requires that not only drive itself but also terminal adaptor at hardware level support for it.When using old MRT terminal adaptor,please adopt default baud rate of 460800.
Here is an introduction about our new terminal adaptor:
In the video you may see some Chinese characters,which are normal circumstances because this tutorial was made under CN OS.Some dialog windows use an OS framework.When using EN OS, those will be normally displayed with English words.
Here are some basic translations:
是 = Yes/OK
否 = No/Cancel
确定 = Yes/OK
保存 = Save
取消 = Cancel


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