Seagate Automatic Adaptation Tutorial

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The tutorial is demonstrating auto-adaptation of 6-generation HDDs

12-generation HDDs automatic adaptation is not in this demonstration. However, note that for 12-generation HDDs, if the firmware is CC34, then we must brush to the CC49 firmware because the CC34 firmware does not support well for the "W" command. It will lead to disks' not being ready or other problems.

The zone test is only valid for 12-generation HDDs. For 11-generation  and below HDDs, this function can not be used. It will only test a ZONE throughput capacity.

1. Click on the automatic adapatation, and  a series of initialization operations will be done.

2. Wait for a while.

3. After automatic adaptation is completed, you can look at the adjustment of the situation. If one or two items are still not normal after the adjustment of the situation , you can manually modify the corresponding adaptation parameters, and then click "write to ROM" and write ROM to the HDD in Bootcode mode until satisfied.

Note: automatic adaptation is not almighty. It can not fix the bad physical tracks.If there are bad physical tracks in Head 0 and Zone 0 of this HDD, you can leave them alone.

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Tutorial download link

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