Video Tutorial of MRT Seagate F3 Shielding Head

need to low-level format SA. As the content of original SA is not compatible with current ROM, the disk cannot be ready. So low-level formart SA can clear the error SA data.
2. Recalculate translator.
3. The above 2 steps are to make the disk ready. When it is ready, the SA is in blank status as we have low-level formatted SA. Then we write factory firmware to it.
Factory firmware package can be downloaded at this address:
For 2-head HDD, we should use firmware PHCC492H.
For 4-head HDD, we should use firmware PHCC494H.
After writing factory firmware to disk, it can be working. Now there is no P-List in disk. Next step is to write P-List.

Step 6. Work with new P-List (file New03.rpm) and write it to disk, then recalculate translator.
You can write New03 to disk by sys file or by ABA tool or by module 03 editor.

Step 7: Erase full HDD
After completing above steps, shielding head is finished. You can see there is only 1 head left in this disk. There is the last step, erase full HDD.
There are several ways to erase HDD, which are described in preparatory tutorial. Here we demonstrate erasing HDD with disk scanning tool.
After erasing full HDD, it can work. Let's check the effect of shielding head. We can see the defective head has been shielded.

Frequently asked questions:
1. After shielding head, what if there is LED error after recalculating translator?
It is caused by too large capacity set in RAP. We just need to reduce the capacity in RAP.
If the new ROM has been written, and you don't want to re-write, you can use the function "Edit RAP capacity" to modify it quickly.

2. How to shield head for HDD with firmware JCxx, JBxx?
For HDD with firmware JCxx, JBxx, we should upgrade ROM to CC49 version first, and then shield head. The following opearation is the same. Now let's demonstrate with a JC4B FW HDD.
First read ROM, then open "Seagate changing ROM auxiliary tool" to replace the firmware with CC49. Then work with ROM file of CC49 version. This is what we need to pay attention for JCxx, JBxx FW HDD.

3. What if there are bad tracks after shielding head?
If there are bad tracks after shielding head, we can add bad tracks to non-resident G-List to shield. Scan and record bad tracks to log file with disk scanning tool, and then add them to non-resident G-List.
For more details, please refer to this tutorial:

Above is the tutorial of Seagate F3 shielding head.
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