Details of Seagate F3 series B batch command

Details of Seagate F3 series B batch command

Please click here to download the whole file of Seagate F3 series B batch command details: 

Follow is the brief introduction of the file:

After Seagate F3 series start a command, it will run some testing process automatically. In the meantime, HDD terminal interface will show lots of information and constantly refreshed. The process is called “B self repair process”. How to use B self test command and what is it uses for? MRT laboratory make a file to introduce B self test command and its usage.

    In fact, Seagate official doesn’t have term of “B self repair process”, the corresponding official term is “batch function”. Use the follow command can execute this process:
F3 6>B,4

Entering this command in 6 and press enter, it begins batch process. When Seagate HDDs leave the factory, it has been written some batch process which factory preinstalled, these batch processes are used for shakedown test and check out. Is it useful for repair HDD? You could download the file above, it has detail explanation in the file, I believe you can have a clear understanding after read it.

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