Let's take a look at this photo: We have labeled ROM_1 and ROM_2, which are actually two non-conventional ROM chips. In the Seagate enterprise-level hard drives we have collected, such as 16TB, 18TB, and 20TB hard drives, we found that this design d

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Seagate's new family of products in recent years increasingly restricts access to ROM data in Bootcode mode. Additionally, there is a binding relationship between their circuit boards and ROM data. For example, drive a supports reading and writing R

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In the past three years, we have encountered an increasing number of new series products in Seagate's product lineup. These products may use the same or quite close PCB version, such as: AF-ST1000LM035-1RK172-EB01-WKPRCYNC 100835923 REV A/B Histo

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The tutorial will demonstrate ROM unlocking and restoration in the form of video tutorial. The MRT version we use in the tutorial is We are going to operate by two methods, in which one uses ordinary method for common models with firmware l

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This article will demonstrate how to create LDR and 3D in the form of video. LDR is commonly used for environment initialization of firmware reading and writing. 3D equals module 3D or sys file 20D that is used for a powerful feature, namely MRT Vi

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This article will demonstrate the operation of unlocking and restoring ROM of Seagate hard drive with firmware lock in the form of video tutorial. Please note that for Seagate hard drives, the first operation is to obtain family ID ,please refer to

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This article will demonstrate how to use ABA tool to RW sys file in the form of video. The demonstration will be divided into 2 parts: Use shortcut button on the right side of sys file list and choose separate ABA tool to RW sys file. Please keep

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This article will demonstrate ST 3 Steps in the form of video.In the video the drive we use is ST3320418AS belonging to 3F family. After issue repaired,we recommend to backup all firmware resources in case of accident firmware malfunction. This vid

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