MRT Binding & Activation Tutorial

1. Binding
For user who use MRT software for the first time, they need to provide the serial number of product and user name to MRT Lab for binding.
Serial Number: Check the white label on MRT card.
User Name: Registrated on website

2 Activation
After the product being bound by MRT Lab, the user can activate it.
Step 1: Login User Centre on MRT official website with the bound user name. After successful login, click "Product Activation". There will pop up a page for entering machine code.

Step 2: Double-click "Mrt.exe". If it is an inactive user, there will pop up a dialog box for registration. The machine code generated by MRT will be shown in the dialog box. Paste it to the web page and click "Submit" to get the registration code.

Step 3: Paste the registration code to Mrt.exe dialog box and click "Register".

Of the above operations, the binding is handled by MRT Lab. Users can activate the product by themselves.

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