Hard disk structure pictures

HDD’s physical structure
HDD is made up of HDA, the control circuit board and interface unit. HDA is a sealed cavity. HDD’s inner structure usually refer to HDA’s inner structure. The control circuit board mainly has HDD BIOS, HDD cache, the main control chip and so on. HDD interface includes power supply socket, data interface and master-slave jumper.


Hard disk structure pictures


                            Picture 1: HDD facade


           Picture 2: HDA





           Picture 3: HDD interface






                       Picture 4: HDD control circuit board








                                  Picture 5: HDD inner structure




                        Picture 6: Track, cylinder, sector



                                                          Picture 7: Track, cylinder, sector


HDD’s logical structure
HDD is divided into track, cylinder and sector in logical. Disk is divided into many concentric circles when formatting. These concentric circles trajectory called track, the track from the inside outward from the beginning of 0 sequence number. The same track all disk consists of a cylindrical called cylinder. The head of each cylindrical of the top-down starting from "0" number. Every track is divided into many arcs and every arc called a sector, it numbered from 1, the data in each sector as a unit to read or write at the same time. Operating system stores information into HDD in the form of sectors. Every sector includes 512 bytes and other information.
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