MRT senior data recovery training courses is enrolling

Good news: MRT senior data recovery training courses is enrolling!

   The training course mainly base on MRT application technologies to deal with HDD firmware problems.

    HDD data recovery industry has been emerged for more than 10 years, new products of repair HDD emerge in an endless stream, the industry always suffer from exploring solution to repair HDD, no other than some qualified veterans, they couldn’t explain HDD’s breakdown and don’t know how to deal with them. So they could only to repair them with ordinary ways by experiences, it leads to the same breakdown HDD have different destiny when repair in same way, because they don't know HDD firmware data structure and work principle deeply.

    MRT and PC3000 all belong to comprehensiveness HDD repair tools, they provide a repair application to make users read and write the firmware areas easily, but couldn’t replace users to logic analysis for firmware data structure. MRT initiator Mr. Chen will explain HDD start principle, firmware data structure and breakdown analysis, digging the key problem of data recovery fundamentally, make us clear the inner problem of HDD breakdown. And then, repair HDD according to normative firmware data structure. Finally, we could figure out the whole data recovery process, infer other things from one fact.

    MRT laboratory launches data recovery training courses from now on, each training we enroll 20 trainees, the tuition is 2,800 RMB each person. Speaker of training courses: Shunxue Chen. Trainees could bring their own breakdown HDDs to repair on the spot.

Training address: B-706 room, Desheng building, number 95, Huangxiaohe road, Jiang’an area, Wuhan city.
Contacts: Shunxue Chen
Contact QQ: 334654353
Telephone: 027-82621261,15342284083

Time of the first training courses is from 18th July, 2013 to 22nd July, 2013, in the future we will continue to launch it according to users’ demand. Users who want to take part in courses could contact us at any time so that we can arrange training time.


Notice: Trainees who want to take part in senior training courses in 18th July, 2013 please enroll 3 days in advance, limited 20 people, Registration: sent your company name, trainees name, telephone and address to,or contacts QQ in details: 334654353

Related matters of the first MRT training courses in 18th July, 2013:
1. The bus road: For trainees come by train to Hankou station, they could take bus for 4 stations or take taxi to Zhuyeshan, Huangxiaohe road. For trainees come by airplane, they could take airport bus to Jinjiadun Hankou train station, and then take bus for 4 stations or take taxi to Zhuyeshan, Huangxiaohe road, Desheng building near Longju hotel, which is next to Zhuyeshan foot bridge.
2. Accommodation arrangements: we scheduled MOTEL168 hotel, 2 people in a standard room, the average costs of each person is 70 RMB, away from Desheng building for 30 meters. Each meal arranged by yourself or willing to take AA.

MRT laboratory announcement
13th July, 2013

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