MRT Software Upgrade Guide

MRT Ver. has been officially published on November 2nd, 2021.

Please download the software here:


Installation kits for MRT Express and MRT Ultra are all available on the same page. To upgrade your software, you need to pay for corresponding fees. For the details, please log in to MRTLAB with your personal account and check the right recharge amount by clicking "Upgrade”.

During the upgrade, the shortcut for creating a specified interface is added to the Select Interface panel on the MRT main interface, which enables shortcuts customization for interfaces selected.

For Western Digital module, Create Unlocked ROM is added for WD 8000xx series,which has covered PCB Ver. 800065, 800066, 800077, 810011. In the past, the corresponding board is required to unlock the original PCB encrypted HDDs. But now, our engineers make it possible to enable unlock on the original PCB encrypted HDDs, which reduces data recovery cost and improves working efficiency to a certain extent.

For Seagate module, software running logic is optimized by adding MCMT fault repair solutions.

For Data Explorer module, the new version enhanced the stability during DE copy and added some raw data scanning formats:

For media: FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, MKV, RM, AIFF, MIDI

For files: PPTX, XLSX


Key Points for the Upgrade:

Western Digital:

More 800xx and above families are supported: families Carmel(800077), VeniceR(810011), SPYG2ULT(810035). Due to T2 editor scheme, headmap creation, based on T2 data, is added for the families supported to unlock firmware lock.

In terms of data recovery, T2(190) editor is added to cope with malfunctions caused by module 190. At present, T2 editor supports functions such as parse/repair/rebuild module 190. Besides, Upload T2 Data to HDD RAM is added to fix the issue of all sectors displaying 00 issue. Here we should note that this feature cannot solve all the situations caused by 190. Only the valid entry is critical to user data recovery.

In respect of firmware unlock, Create Unlocked ROM is added (by analyzing original ROM to generate unlocking code) to 8000xx series mainstream HDDs including 800065 (Charger), 800066 (Palmer), 800077 (Carmel), and 810011 (VeniceR). More HDDs to be supported are still under researches.

To provide better user experience with higher stability and efficiency, this function is recommended to work closely with the new MRT programmer and COM terminal released recently.

Of course, to give consideration to the last generation of programmer, the feature of Create Unlocked ROM also supports the old programmer.

The video, demonstrating specific operation process for the programmer and connection to COM terminal, will be posted later (some drives need special terminal connection methods).



Firmware Unlock support is added for family 97, enhancing the stability of the software in an all-round manner. For instance, system file backup and skip scheme are optimized to reduce abnormal feedback generated during backup process.

In terms of data recovery, MCMT parse and edit functions are added to handle with HDD faults caused by MCMT item disorder or overflow. Service area information of some Seagate drives under Edit HDD ID in RAM is optimized to solve size failures.

As for HDD repair, transfer of defects into NRG list and P-list is added to family 58: ST3000DM001-1ER166,ST2000DM001-1ER164,ST1000DM001-1ER162,ST500DM002-1ER14C, ST1000DM001-1CH162, and ST2000DM001-1CH164.



The upgrade re-structured the underlying architecture of PS modules by adding uploading LDR and virtual compiler creation for AS2258 which belongs to PS3111 series.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support:

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