MRT Upgrade Guide on February 8th, 2021

MRT was upgraded to the latest official version on Friday, February 8, 2021, the new version number is:

The download address of the new version is:

Both Express and Ultra download software from the above address

This is a paid upgrade. Please check the upgrade detail in MRT User Centre on the "Upgrade" page by logging into your personal MRT account.

This update significantly optimizes the applicability and ease of use of features, where previously some of the features may fail to respond or confront unknown issues. New features have been added to support new family support and enhance key features frequently used in various conditions, such as a new patch function for Seagate ROM tools and SMART information editor in Western Digital.


 Data Explorer

The new version can create file format templates at the bottom for RAW stream scanning, making it easy to add more file format to be supported in the future. ZIP, JPG and BMP file have been added this time. There is added a multi-threading feature in DE, which increases the file saving speed by 30% according to the test result with MRT ultra. The remaining update details focus on bug fixes and functional stability improvements from the previous version.


Western Digital:

Two families of 8000xx series have been added and optimized, especially for drives with board version810011, but the DE headmap remains not well supported, so users can turn off the head and skip bad tracks in DE by RAM headmap.

For data recovery,we added new strategies to remove new encryption on recent drives, which enables users to clear password directly. Microjog and Preamp DAC edit in module 47 have been added in ROM tools, mainly to solve the head swap adaptation problems of 2.5" mobile drives and other certain models, which are manifested by good heads being able to read but not write on patient drives or a certain head being unusable, etc. Regarding the RAM static module page in the Resource Viewer, it was integrated into the module list in the previous version. Now it can be viewed separately in the Resource Viewer, mainly for module edit in RAM. In addition, the virtual boot function in LDR interface enables users to upload recommended modules into RAM.

As for refurbishment, the focus of this update is on the edit of SMART parameters, and the introduction to this function will be presented in a dedicated tutorial. Function for editing model and serial number has been improved to support more families.



Several new families and models have been added, currently there are four models that need to be unlocked with the new tutorial (ST1000LX015-SSHD, ST12000NM007, ST12000NM0127, ST8000NM00A), this unlocking method can only be used for some ROM of the same model and family, if there are any unsupported ones, please contact technical support Skype ID live:service_5567 (Nelson) & live:mrtpro_1 (William).

ROM tool added patch to remove the SSD flash of 72(LM000/LM014 SSHD) and 58(DX001 SSHD) to run them as mechanical drives.

Virtual start got optimized and added LED BD 4C51 and InitSMARTFail patches to improve family compatibility, which are extremely likely to occur when rebuilding the translator.

The edit of HDD ID and RAM headmap also got improved which are frequently used during data recovery.



This update focuses on optimization of translator issues the PS3111 and SM2246XT, and supports manually updating ROM loader and ROMDebug loader for SM2258XT, after which users can image the data directly.


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