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August 23rd, 2019
MRT 2131 versionversion number2.1.3.1
This version adds SSD utility and the activation of SSD utility will cost user another fee.
About upgrade log please refer to the SSD section of version.
August 25th, 2019
MRT 2140 versionversion number2.1.4.0
The activation of SSD utility will cost user another fee.
1. Interface icons have been redesigned
2. Layout of interface has been optimized
3. Sleep and Awake button have been added in the main interface
SGT: Utility Version
1. Adds a double progress bar
2. Adds a com port switch button on family interface
3. RAM initialization info will be displayed in the log
4. RAM update has been added in Basic Status
5. Edit ID has been added in RAM operation
6. Adds the display of baud rate
7. Adds automatic sequence of system files
8. Support for head map of HDD with more than 10 heads
9. Support for sending multiple commands with one key refurbishment
10. Support for head shield of new families(ID:0x59 6 heads) (refurbishment)
11. Offers the possibility to add defects in the form of LBA  into P list(8 categories)(refurbishment)
12. Adds removing diagnostic lock of  0x63ST1000NM0033)、0x70(ST4000DM000-1F2168)(only works in RAM)
13. Support for backup of system files in batch
14. Adds descriptions of system files(descriptions for vital modules and sys files)
15. Support for editing SMART parameter(refurbishment)
16. Adds family 0xAF (brand new family)
17. Support for ROM operation of LM035-EB01
18. Support for firmware unlock and virtual start of LM035-EB01
19. Important updatea special firmware designed for SBM3 and SDM1
Minimized system that offers solution for power-on LED issue 
Embedded Overlay that offers solution for overlay not able to be loaded or refreshed
20. Adaptation parameter can be written into RAM(refurbishment)
21. Optimizes the compatibility of Password Remove
22. Optimizes the function lab of serial port(for improving user experience)
23. Optimizes the algorithm of head adaptation program
24. Optimizes the switch between different R/W modes(adds new shortcut buttons)
25. After headmap creation, Seagate utility will automatically switch to ATA mode
26. Optimizes the convenience of Read/Write operation of sys files
27. Fixes the error that software reports ROM Has Already Been Patched when trying to unlock or use virtual start for some HDD belonging to family 8C and A5
28. Fixes the error that it may fail to obtain headmap in RAM(Family ID:0x58)
29. Optimizes the process of obtaining family ID
30. Fixes the possible software corruption when adding defects into P-list
31. Fixes wrong identification between LM drive and non-LM drive in automatic translator regeneration
32. Bootcode mode has been integrated into RAM Tool and ROM Tool
WD: Utility Version
1. Adds new family Spyglass800041,Plamer800066),Charger
2. Optimizes the module 01 analysis to avoid disorder of ABA address (800041,800066.etc)
3. Support for headmap creation of HDDs with PCB ver.800041,8000066
4. Support for editing headmap in RAM for HDDs with PCB ver.800041, 800055, 800066
5. Enhances Slow Start Fix
6. Adds a new feature for fixing quick failure when scanning drives
7. Adds a new diagnostic mode which has a better compatibility with more drives and also provides auto-test
8. Adds a detection of whether SA translator is loaded during boot-up process
9. Adds one key button for selecting all heads in head test
10. Adds a prompt when Resource Backup attempts to overwrite files already existed
11. After SA structure test, software will display the test method(ABA,track or ID)
12. Optimizes USB decryption process
13. Optimizes the module list
(1) Module list is now able to display all the copies of modules simultaneously
(2) Disable Backup Tool button when ByID or ByMem is selected
(3) Module list won't refresh when switching between different R/W modes
(4) Buttons for Read/Write mode have been moved into module list page
14. Modules will be automatic sequenced according to ID
15. Optimizes the level of file path, making it more simplified and well categorized for convenience
16. Optimizes the conversion between ABA and CHS address
17. Optimizes the function logic of SA Module Search which could now auto-skip bad sector;Enhances the rebuild of 01 module(moved to the right-click menu in module search dialog)
18. USB data decryption renamed as SED Status Switch
19. Optimizes the mechanism of automatic obtaining HDD ID
20. Reconstruct the infrastructural interface of serial port(support for new serial device)
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