Introduction of MRT New Software Version 2130

MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official paid version on January 29th, 2019, and the new version number:

Download link:
Both Ultra and Express can download from the address above.

This update is a paid version. New configuration programs and files are added to the installation package, and more useful functions are supported.

In this update, the service notification has been optimized and beautified in the main utility, allowing users to view the latest news or disable the dialog of pop-up style. There have been updates and optimizations for those issues already found by developers and ones reported by users together with an enhancement for factory utility performance. For details please refer to update log.

The solution to fix sector access interruption most commonly found with LM series has been offered in Seagate Utility now, which provides data recovery engineers two method to fix the user sector interruption issue easily. The first solution requires original backup of sys file 35 with the assistance of new features in virtual start (Patch_TranslatorERR and Patch_Translator_ProcessRWErrorWrite) after which a translator regeneration with command m0,6,3,,,,,22 shall be performed. The second solution is designed for the circumstance that HDD is working under an unstable condition and backup of sys file is, therefore, impossible or original sys file has been lost due to inappropriate operations. The sequence of operations would be: first fix the common malfunctions of the drive, then clear sys file 28 and 35 if possible, followed by the translator regeneration at least 3 times to ensure the data stored in sys file 35 static. When the operations performed above are successful, click the button Automatic Translator Recovery for LM under Translator Tools. For more details please refer to corresponding tutorial.

In Western Digital utility, a new family Apollo has been added, 1961 (WD10JMVW) has been added into support list of USB decryption. The speed of Boot Rom mode has been increased with board ver.800022 is added into support list of Boot Rom. Re-program the RAM Headmap Editing function, in which the HDD with board ver.800022 has been added, which meanwhile enhances its compatibility with some drives previously not well supported. Most frequently used functions such as uploading LDR, ID editing and S.M.A.R.T. clear are optimized and intensified with more customized options. For some cases, a click of uploading LDR would make HDD recognized and copyable. Enable write cache in ID Editing can make image task more stable. We also optimized the information panel which enables users to copy HDD model and view status of the modules such as 411, 02 being disabled currently when HDD finished bootup process.

In Samsung utility, the bootup process has been optimized to speed up process and strengthen software fluency. Editing headmap has been optimized to acquire better compatibility with old HDD(T166S, M40S, M60S, M80S, etc.). Functions previously only applicable to HDD with at most 2 heads can now fully support all sorts of HDD(such as View Modules, Backup Modules, Backup Tracks, Write Tracks in Batch, Write Modules in Batch, and HDD Resource Editor). A data verification has been added to the process of ROM operation(read/write) to avoid ROM data error, thus enhancing the reliability of the software. Fixed the issue that Quick Start Last Task only supports a part of functions in the menu (such as "View Rom Information"), and most menu items are now supported. Added the function of Automatic ROM Save which enables a part of ROM reading relevant task to automatically save a ROM file to the working directory under the folder of AutoSave. Optimized the utility to ensure entering Debug mode forcibly upon failure (which may cause the hard disk to be unstable). Added new supported model: HD753LI, HD322HI, HD252HJ

In DE utility, the bottom layer has been changed a lot. Two files .FNM and .QFNM were added to the task file as the record of the file node data,  function stability has been continuously Improved.

Above are the key functions of this upgrade. Please check the upgrade log for more details.

MRT’s development is inseparable from your support! More functions will be coming, see you next time.


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