Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20170519 Version

d that domestic similar software are unable to introduce a similar function for at least one or two years, so we believe MRT can be the leading role in the DM series hard disk repair for a long time.


6.For WD utility, USB hard drive decryption for SW6316 series is optimized. After this update, MRT USB hard disk decryption function has been able to support a number of series of hard drives. Currently MRT and PC3000 are the only two data recovery tools on the market to support USB hard drive decryption of WD's My Passport series. Other similar software has no such function. While the price of MRT is less than half of PC3000, so the price advantage is obvious.

7.For WD utility, we add a new function to read and write ROM in Boot Rom mode. Although MRT has the function of writing dead ROM, but short circuit to PCB board is needed. The operation is very complex, not many users can do that. Now MRT adds the Boot ROM mode, which allows reading and writing ROM through the COM serial port, without the need of short-circuit! And then we do not have to worry after ROM is hard to recover.

8.For DE utility, recovery of compressed files in NTFS system is now possible. PC3000 does not have this function, either. If you have PC3000, you can test. In PC3000 DE utility, if you want to extract compressed files in NTFS file system files, then the files will not be decompressed, so extracted files will be Garbled. MRT has now solved this problem. You can normally extract compressed files. In addition, the latest version of PC3000 has a bug, that is, if the DE task is mounted as a virtual disk, if you choose "read-only" mount, then you can not open the mounted disk in the Windows system, nor can expand files Inside. MRT does not have this problem. The DE task mounted as a virtual disk is also a special function, which needs complex research and development. Currently, in similar software only MRT and PC3000 have this function, which fully proves MRT’s high research and development level.

9. In DE utility, flow scanning function is added. This function is used when the file system structure is seriously damaged, directly restore files from the original data of the hard disk, which is a very commonly used function in system level data recovery.

The above is the important functions of this update. Please see the update log for more information.
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