Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20170519 Version


MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on May 19th, 2017, and the new version number:
The new version of the download address is:
Both Ultra and Express can download from the address above.

    Free update! Free update! Free update again! Fantastic features have been added to this update: Seagate F3 series, 5400.6,5400.5,7200.4 series arbitrary head shielding. Virtual boot of DM series is added as well, which is created originally by MRT. PC3000 doesn’t have the function yet. This function has significance for the repair of DM series hard drives. For WD utility, USB hard drive decryption function has been optimized, and now more hard disks can be supported,  which is a chargeable function in the PC3000. In addition, Boot ROM mode has been added in WD to read and write ROM, thus there is nothing to worry if Rom is written dead. This update is completely free, even providing some costly functions in other software! MRT has always been as a cost-effective professional software, and we will continue to use better products and services to repay the users’ support!
    Let’s take a look at the main functions of this update:
1. Added online upgrade function. Enter the MRT main program, and click the menu "help -> product upgrades". You can extract the upgrade code in the MRT user center, and then you can upgrade the online version to offline version, or repair version to full version by yourself,, without MRT’s intervention, which make it very convenient for the user.

2. For Seagate F3 utility, Patch repair function for Init SAMRT Fail, No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags fault has been added. This function is used in the ROM tool to repair the malfunction that, when rebuilding translator, the terminal shows Init SAMRT Fail, and then rebuilding the translator fails, hard disk long busy, or to repair the malfunction that after the hard disk powers on, the terminal shows No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags error message, and then the hard disk has not been ready all the time. Now users only need to generate a repaired ROM, and then write back to the hard disk, then these two failures can be solved.

3. Seagate F3 series, 5400.6,5400.5,7200.4 series arbitrary head shielding is added. Executing FMT operation in factory firmware for 5400.6 series hard disks is also added. These functions are mainly used for repairing hard disks, where FMT operation in the factory firmware can be used to repair the bad tracks, with a good effect.

4. Functions of decrypting the LM type, LT type hard disk, and reading and writing ROM in BootCode mode will appear in this update. MRT fast reading and writing ROM is a special feature. It only takes ten seconds to read and write ROM in BootCode mode, while it takes a minute or two for similar software.

5. Another original function of MRT, virtual boot function for DM series hard disk, will the highlight of this update. Any other similar software, including PC3000, doesn’t have this feature. DM series hard drives, such as DM001, DM003, have a common problem, that is, fake ready, that is, after the hard disk firmware is damaged, the hard drive can be ready after power on, but the capacity to identify is 3.8GB. At that time no ATA instructions can be performed, and users can’t enter terminal T level, thus can not perform any terminal instructions. Since any instruction can not be implemented, no hard disk can be repaired. This state is called fake ready fault. Fake ready is not the same with the firmware lock. With firmware lock, users is still able to enter the T-level, and also to perform a small number of instructions, but the fake ready state is that any instructions can not be implemented. There is no solution for this problem before, but now, MRT has launched its own solution, specifically to deal with fake ready DM hard drives, which is definitely a major breakthrough. Because this function is very complex, it is expecte

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