Introduction of MRT Data Recovery Software 20160528 Version

MRT software is upgraded to 20160528 version on May 28, 2016. The version number is The download address of the new English version is      
And this version applies to both 2-ports card and 4-ports card.

With continuous product upgrades, MRT tools are more and more powerful. In the past few years, the MRT software has been recognized by China and global market. According to the latest data, the market share of MRT rises to the second in the data recovery industry, only behind Russia product PC3000. We will keep innovating and provide better product and service to customers.

It takes a long time to develop data recovery tool and accumulate the technology. The MRT Lab was founded in 2004 and has become an old brand after ten years of development. The oldest product MRT for DOS, a product to repair Maxtor HDDs,  was very popular in the whole industry and the following product MRT WH once deeply influenced the HDD repairing market of Western Digital and Hitachi, which is until now still the first choice to repair Hitachi HDD. When our latest MRT Express/Ultra are introduced to the market, the industry structure is changed and the industrial monopoly is broken. The user can buy the professional data recovery tool with less than half of the usual price. As an old brand, the achievement of MRT lab is closely related to the consistent support of customers. Therefore, we will reward customers with harder effort to create better product!

In the upgrade, the new function of "Mount Disk to OS" is added to the main program. With the function, the HDD connected with MRT card can be mounted to Windows operating system so that it can be identified by the system. Then users can deal with the HDD data with third-party tools such as Winhex,DiskGenius and so on. This function is located in the main menu "Tools - > Mounting current disk". This time,  the hardware driver of 2-port card is upgraded, too. Users don’t need to restart the computer any more when they install the driver. It can be used after the installation, which is convenient for users.

Several new functions are added to Seagate F3 utility, such as editing the logic head map in RAM. This function is very useful. As is known to users, ROM editing is necessary when making virtual head by editing head map. Now the head map can be edited in RAM and will take effect immediately. In other words, users can change the head map dynamically when HDD is running. For example, if head 0 is in poor performance, we can edit ROM and disable head 0 and boot hard disk from head 1, then edit RAM and enable head 0 dynamically. Masters must have known what the function means to data recovery. Please pay attention to later detailed tutorial. The interface of modifying area adaptive parameter is also optimized, which is mainly used to repair HDD. The optimized interface becomes easier to operate. The P-list editor is renamed as module 03 editor since module 03 includes not only P-list but also track defect list and Servo defect list. The previous P-list editor can only edit the P-list in module 03, and the track defect list and servo defect list editor are in an additional tool. It will be more convenient for users after the three editors are integrated together. 

Part of the latest Seagate HDDs, including DM001 and DM003 series (Triangle circuit board), are set with firmware locks by manufacturers. Users can not enter the diagnosis mode, read or write module and SA, enter the terminal T Level , or they can enter the T Level but only part of the commands can be executed. When these hard disks with firmware locks are damaged, they can’t be repaired because factory-level commands can’t be executed. This time, we add firmware unlock of Seagate HDDs, which can be used to repair part of the Seagate HDDs whose terminal are locked and commands can’t be sent. It should be noted that there are many kinds of firmware lock, the unlock function does not support all HDDs and the unlock methods are different. For now, this function does not support some HDDs and it will support more HDDs in the future. We also add the function of modifying HDD model number of Generation 11 and it support part of Generation 11 HDDs. The function is located in the menu “Tools->Disk repair tools->Modify HDD model”. As is known to us that we cannot modify the model number of Seagate Generation 11 with CAP, so we provide the function of modifying HDD model number of Generation 11. The model number can be modified to any character string but not only preset character string. MRT is the only software that provides this function in the market. The function of shielding heads of Generation 11 HDD is also added. For now, the Generation 11 only support shielding last heads, and the Generation 12 support shielding any head. Next time, we will upgrade the function of head shielding of Generation 11 and notebook hard drive. The head shielding of MRT is realized by modifying servo data. Viewing the zone table with command “x” in Level 2, you can see that the number of head decreases, which means the head shielding of MRT is success

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