MRT Data Recovery Software Upgrade Review Sep. 13, 2014

The newest version of MRT data recovery software is released on September 13th, 2014. Version number:
Download link of Chinese version: http: //
Download link of English version: http: //
Note: English version will be released a few days later than Chinese version.
This upgrade review will introduce you the upgrade content of Version 140913.

  In this upgrade, we rewrote Seagate F3 utility. The old version of Seagate F3 module will be retained for a period of time by convention. To use the old version of Seagate F3 module, please select "Seagate F3 Architecture (old version)" in the main interface. By selecting "Seagate F3 Architecture", users will enter the new version of Seagate program. Many features have been added to this module. The first major feature newly added is support for the Seagate system files, which contain all firmware of Seagate hard drives. That is to say, those hidden firmware which cannot be read by reading module now can be read/written by reading/writing system file. We believe that the significance of this feature is known by all of you. Additionally, you know that several similar Seagate repair tools also have this feature. With the principle of "having what others don't have and being better than what others have", MRT lab strenghthened this function. So as for read/write system file, MRT supports read/write by ABA, read/write in serial mode and several other ways besides default mode. If you failed to read/write with other tools, try using MRT. The second major feature is creating LDR. Now we can use a good disk to create LDR file, and then flash it to the bad disk. MRT lab put forward the universal method of fixing SA fault in Seagate HDDs before --MRT flash method, which was soon copied by our competitors. We believe the experts have been quite familiar with "MRT flash method" and also know the limitations of this approach -- brush firmware package is not easy to find. Now using the function of creating LDR, with "MRT flash method", we can make the firmware package by ourselves. There are also updates of other functions, such as head adatption of ROM. Changing head of Seagate HDD is not easy to succeed, because adaption parameters are not imported to ROM of acceptor disk. The solution is provided by ROM adaptor tool in this upgrade. Users can import adaption parameters of ROM in donor disk to the ROM in acceptor disk after changing head. Then write the new ROM to HDD. It can greatly enchance the success rate of changing head. For other updates, please refer to the upgrade log. It is worth mentioning that, after rewriting Seagate F3 module, the operation process has changed. To use the new Seagate F3 module, users need to develop a new operating habit and way of thinking. We will update the tutorials of Seagate module recenlty. Please stay tuned.
  There are also major updates in Toshiba and Hitachi modules. We noticed that users are more concerned about the disk repair function for Toshiba and Hitachi HDDs, such as cutting head and repairing bad tracks. So we enhanced this in the upgrade. The new Toshiba module can shield heads and zones with simple one-click operation. The function of shielding bad tracks was also greatly improved. Users can easily record bad tracks to defect files with scanning program, and write the defect files generated at scanning to P-List, thus completing shielding bad tracks. Meanwhile, you can also shield bad tracks by transforming G-List to P-List. The function of disk repair has been significantly strengthened. We fixed the algorithm of shielding head in Hitachi module. It can also redefine main head correctly. The fucntion of cutting head for Hitachi HDDs is also greatly enhanced. As the only tool that can cut head for Hitachi HDDs in market, MRT Pro supports most of Hitachi hard drives.
  In WD module, the function of creating LDR and support for loading 5C module are added. For new WD HDDs like 1824, if you cannot read the firmware, you can repair it by loading 5C module. In Samsung module, the function of loading resources is added, which provides another powerful tool for Samsung hard disk repair. Newly-added Samsung HDD defects list editor can edit A-List, S-List and various defects lists of other types and edit bad tracks conveniently.
  In DE module, many functions are also added. New operating systems recommend using GPT partition format. So we added support for GPT partition in this upgrade. At the same time, users can count the total size of the folder. When users need to copy a folder, they usually want to know in advance the total size of it so as to estimate the time. Now it can be realized. The function of creating virtual partitions allows users to create new virtual partition node, with relevant data will not be written to source data disk, thus making it convenient for users to manually test and rebuild lost partitions.
   For more details, please refer to the upgrade log. We strive to provide better service for our users.


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