MRT data recovery software upgrade guide in 3rd December, 2013

   MRT upgrade to the latest version in 3rd December, the latest version download address: 
This update actually is a revise of the version in 7th November, so current upgrade guide will introduce the upgrade contents of 1203 version and 1117 version.

   Firstly, DE module is upgraded, for the substitution module of DR, DE use the new core to make it more highly active and easy to operate. This upgrade improves the DE a lot. Through rigorous tests, its ability of read bad tracks in mirror copy and various treatment strategies for bad sectors have been reach the level of PC3000 UDMA, the speed of mirror image is exceed PC3000 UDMA. If users need to use the function of mirror image, we introduce to use DE replace DR of old version, its function will be more powerful. At present, the new version DE’s file system is being developed, expect to meet with you in several recent upgrades.

   ROM programming unit tool is now supports Flash ROM chip of SST series. Due to ROM of WD HDD extensive used STT chip, so that we can use programming unit to write WD’s ROM chip. Through several upgrade, now ROM programming unit tool could support almost all ROM chip in HDD of mainly brand, it will save money to buy programming unit alone.

   Database, the latest database function is supported in MRT. Users could bulk import HDD’s firmware resources to database and store them, it is more convenient and easier to manage compare to storage as files. Use database will make the collecting work of firmware resources more easier. Moreover, the database which MRT use is compatible with PC3000 UDMA. Afterwards, MRT could share database resources with PC3000 UDMA, users could lead firmware resources which back up in PC3000 database to MRT, everything is so simple.

    WDC module and Samsung module restore some problem in this upgrade. It is worth mentioning that WDC module adds virtual memory diagnostic tool. When head performance bad, use this tool to virtual processing and then users would find the HDD can copy data magically. Besides, WD diagnostic model has been optimized again. WD diagnostic model provides a possible that users could repair varies breakdown with one key. Optimized diagnostic model has a higher success rate, it could deal with more conditions and reach effect of one key to repair in more breakdowns for users.

    Hitachi module also improved diagnostic model, so it is possible to repair in one key in Hitachi HDD. In the future, MRT will try to support more HDD’s diagnostic model, it makes users reach the effect of one key repair in most HDD breakdown, it is greatly reduce the user's workload and improve efficiency.

   Toshiha module improve defect table editor, it makes users easier to kill defect. At same time, the function of clear SMART has been improved, too. At present, MRT Toshiha module could clear SMART information of varies Toshiha HDDs.

    Seagate module improve ROM read and write functions in Boot code model. We all know that in the past, if you want to read and write ROM in Boot code, you need to short circuit PCB board, operating was complicated. The improved Boot model tool provide one key into Boot code model function and now we needn’t to short circuit. Besides, the newly automatic translator recovery tool has powerful functions, the tool is used for repairing the former after the bad and it also could used for rebuilding P list (need long time). Now, repair the former after the bad needn’t to find the breakdown point by hand, it improves efficiency of users greatly. Moreover, we provide download of Seagate P list editor program in website. Till now, MRT has provided the whole tools to repair varies the former after the bad. At same time, the new version Seagate tool adds the support for “MRT firmware refresh”, in the future, Seagate could use firmware refresh to solve many common firmware problem. Finally, the new version Seagate improve the support for DE split program, in the past some 4K technology HDD may appear 12% stuck problem when split. The new version Seagate could perfectly support 4K HDD split.

    In addition, we recently opened MRT 0810 English version to users. 0810 English version is base on the 0810 Chinese version. So the functions are exactly same as 0810 Chinese version. The upgrade of English version is slow than Chinese version, all MRT users could download Chinese version or English version freely. MRT could install many versions, so that English version and Chinese version could be installed in one computer. English version’s publish is MRT laboratory meets the needs of users at different levels as a part of the work.

    The new version of MRT adds many functions to make users use MRT tools more convenient. We will make series tutorials based on MRT data recovery and HDD repair in recently. Thanks for your attention.

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