The third MRT laboratory senior data recovery training courses is enrolling

Related matters:

1. The training courses only receive 10 enrollments, seats are limited, wish to apply as soon as possible.

2. The training courses face to Chinese mainland, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and oversea areas recruit trainees.

3. Training costs:
Chinese mainland: 3,000 RMB/person
Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan: 4,000 RMB/person
Oversea areas: $1000/person

4. Training time: 2nd October 2013 to 5th October 2013

5. Training contents:

This training contents are senior data recovery technology training, apply to trainees whom has a good basic data recovery knowledge. The follow is training course:
Seagate teaching plan:
1. Details of Seagate HDD firmware structure and data structure

-Servo system
-read and write system
-SATA/COM Interface
-Main firmware
-HDA firmware
-P list module
-SMART module
-2B module (translator)
-Main HDA microcode
-Other modules

2. Seagate firmware start processes
-Boot Loader
-Flash ROM
-HDA microcode (Overlay)

3. Analysis of service area structure
-Service area/users area track distribution
-Relationship between ABA address and track
-Firmware module distribution in service area

4. FAQs treatments of ROM/PCB board
-The problem of board and ROM lost
-The problem of SAP suitability when change head
-RAP and zone table

5. FAQs treatments of HDA service area
-Repair of P list disorder
-Details of the former after the bad
-Varies LED problem
-Seagate short connection

WD teaching plan:
Teaching contents are centre on HDD start processes, explain structures of HDD’s important firmware data, ROM structures and failure analysis. Of which 40% of the theoretical content, 60% of the actual operation, the main contents are as follows:

1. ROM explanation
-Starting principle
-ROM structure
-ROM module list (0B, 20B)

-30 module (service area translator),the thinking of realize MRT diagnose module
-0A module (head bitmap)
-47 module (fit parameters)
2. Important firmware explanation
-01 module (module list), changing module principle
-35 module (SA defect list), how to generate 30 from 35
-02 module (configuration information) explanation
-40 module (adapter module), how to generate 47 from 40
-03 module (zone table) data explanation, TPI, CAP data diagnose
-ARCO and data recovery
-33 module data structure and its algorithm
-usages of 2D, 2E log module

3. Usages of static module

4. Explanation and thinking of ROM’s difficult problems
-Error loading Flash microcode
-HDA structure configuration error
-Error loading servo data
-Error loading read and write system
-Error loading SA translator

5. Explanation of SA area difficult problem
-Error loading microcode
-Translator error
-Error loading zone table
-Explanation of ATA BUSY difficult problem

Hitachi teaching plan:
1. Explanation of Hitachi HDD NV-RAM structure
-Start identification
-Head bitmap
-Fit parameters, checkout
-SA enter address, users area enter address

2.Explanation of Hitachi HDD important module
-Microcode module, PSHT, RDMT

3. SA overall change
-Remedy of write check disable
-skills of write module

4. Hitachi heat exchange technology
-skills of heat exchange

Toshiha teaching plan:
1. Details of Toshiha HDD firmware structure and data structure

2. Toshiha HDD common repair methods

Details of Samsung HDD firmware and operating practices

6. The training enrollment begins from today, until the full capacity.

7. Speaker of training courses: Shunxue Chen. Trainees could bring their own breakdown HDD to repair by guidance. Address: B-1406 room, Desheng building, number 95, Huangxiaohe road, Jiang’an area, Wuhan city.

8. Enrollment contact way:
Contacts: Shunxue Chen
Contact QQ: 334654353
Telephone: 027-82621261,15342284083

Registration: sent your company name, trainees name, telephone and address to,or contacts QQ in details: 334654353

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