MRT 2.1.4.x Global Interactive Experience Innovation

This article will present you major upgrades of the new version 2.1.4.x about the global interactive experience, and show you the detailed process of how we have worked on it.

Remaining problems:

We know that MRT(our name comes from Maxtor Repair Tool) just started several years ago and experienced years’ of growth. At that early stage, due to the lack of human resources and capital, a single engineer might have to be in charge of multiple duties at times,such as research;tech articles;advertisement;training stuff.

It is of great difficulty for a team of merely several engineers working in a relatively tough developing environment to survive in DR market.We,therefore,have to make great efforts to be recognized by the market.

As for software, the interface and function layout were not well designed in terms of conformity, so there are still lots of parts remaining immature. Furthermore, some function were not well maintained and exploited further in time due to the shortage of human resources and personnel transfer.  

The existing development tasks are arduous, the new employee must experience a long training period, and a large amount of basic work needs to be invested. Meanwhile, Some functions are not unified and some functional adaptability gradually becomes unable to meet users’ needs over time.  

For example, the icon style is completely not integrated, the term translation is not uniform and professional, the layout is unreasonable, the function entry is complicated, and the old functions are not improved properly. As a result, the version still has a lot of inadequacy and incomplete specialization, causing certain obstacles in use.

The goals of MRT in the initial stage:

In the initial stage, we should "solve the problem of survival". Goal can not be achieved without basic survival.  

Keywords: “Yes” and “No”

What MRT needs to do at this stage is to exist in the market, existence means “Yes” while failure leads to “No”.

The goals of MRT in the previous stage:

“Providing sufficient material needs” aims at developing more advanced technology to create more and wider business space for users after the survival needs are met.

Keywords: “More” and “Less”.

After the difficult stage of exploration and hardship, MRT finally stood firm and the training related matters gradually began to be implemented. In order to make the product brand bigger and stronger, under the leadership of Mr.Chen, we have established the principle of “the R&D of technology is core competitiveness”. Since then, MRT began to transform and took technology R&D as the top priority, and the name of the MRT firmware lab has been established. After years of deep cultivation, MRT has gradually overcame the function shortcomings and developed a lot of new functions and technologies. In 2016, MRT created a significant independent research and development technology - Seagate Virtual Start. At present, it has become a very powerful and symbolic key feature in Seagate repair field!

In the first half of 2019, in order to cope with sector access interruption caused by human operation, we added two important functions to adapt to more disks to deal with one of the most complicated faults in history. Of course, this feature will continue to improve its adaptability with newly released Seagate firmware version. In line with the principle of users’ data first, we suggest that do not rebuild the translator without backup, otherwise it may bring great difficulty to the subsequent repair, and even make it impossible to recover key data most of time.

After the version, we began to focus on the study SSD, and try hard to develop more practical features to help users recover data.


The goals of MRT in the current stage

We have solved the basic problems of functions, the next urgent task falls MRT is to “meet diversified needs and spiritual needs”, which means to increase exclusive features and improve user experience!

Keywords: "Superiority" and "Inferiority".

MRT data recovery software has survived through the most difficult time. Now top-level issues are no longer just about the availability of technology, but also the diversity of functions and the user experience. What we pursue is not just user available but user friendly.

To attract users with an excellent software, we must develop products from the user's perspective, meet the user's needs, as well as actively adjust and optimize products to fit different user habits. To develop MRT software, we must be able to master cutting edge technology and design user friendly software.

However, the needs of users are ever-changing, and many features are no longer applicable. During the meeting, we analyze and evaluate the collected user’s advice and available features. For example, whether to delete the old function, whether to add the suggested function, and in which form to add the function, whether it is meaningful, all of which need to be evaluated.

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