Introduction of MRT software version 2127

MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on August 30th, 2018, and the new version number:

Download link:

Both Ultra and Express can download from the address above.

This update is free for user with software 2.1.2.X

Many new SSD utility have been added to this upgrade, as well as some new SSD features, such as read/write ROM and modules,view dump chip data, view HDD password, remove SMART, etc.

WD and Samsung modules has been optimized, fixed some known problems and bugs feedback by users, optimized the performance of some factory utility, it will be smoother in future use. More HDDs will support virtual start in this ST utility upgrade, virtual start optimized the write mechanism when writing 3D modules,improves the speed and stability of writing. The stability of ABA read and write has been strengthened. Simplified the process of 9YN head shielding. Independent hexadecimal editor has been added in this DE utility upgrade.

Above is the key functions of this upgrade,please check the upgrade log for the complete upgrade content.

MRT’s development is inseparable from your support!

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