Principle of FAT file system 1

Or expand virtual mbr mbr, meaning is the same. Extended boot record includes an extended partition table and the sector's label. Extended boot record will record contains only the information the first face of the first cylinder of each logical drive in an extended partition. A logical drive in the boot sector generally located relative sector 32 or 63. However, if there is no extended partition on the disk, then there would be extended boot record and the logical drive. The first logical drive in the extended partition table first entry point to its own boot sector. The second point to the next logical drive EBR. If there are more logical drives, the second term is not used, and is recorded as a series of zero. If there are additional logical drive, then the second would be the first logical drive in the extended partition table pointing to its own boot sector. The second logical drives of the second extended partition table to the next logical drive EBR. Extended partition table paragraphs 3 and 4 will never be used.



    By a 4 disk partition diagram can be seen roughly organization disk. Figure 5:

FAT file system principles (a)

    Extended on an extended partition, as shown in Figure 6, the extended partition boot record logical drive is a connection table. The figure shows the difference between the extended partition table in front of the logical drive and the last three logical drives an extended logical drive partition, explains.

FAT file system principles (a)

     In addition to the last one extended partition logical drive, the extended partition table described in Table 2 format each logical drive is repeated: the first item identifies the logical drive boot sector itself, and the second term identifies the next logical drive EBR. Finally, an extended partition logical drive table lists only its own partition entry. The second item to a fourth term last an extended partition table is used.


   Table 2, the contents of the extended partition table entries

Extended partition table entries Contents of the partition table entries
The first item Information includes the start address of the data, including the current extended partition with logical drives associated
The second term About the extended partition logical drive information to the next, including the address contains the next logical drive EBR the sector. If there is no further logical drive, then the field will not be used
The third term Unused
The fourth term Unused


    Extended partition table entry segment relative sector figures shown are the number of bytes from the beginning to the displacement of the extended partition logical drive in the first sector. The total number of sectors in the digital segment refers to the number of sectors of the logical drive. The total value of the sector from the digital section is equal to the extended partition table entry as defined in the boot sector to sector number logical drive at the end.

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