Good news: The second MRT senior data recovery training courses is enrolling! Related matters: 1. The training courses only receive 10 enrollments, seats are limited, wish to apply as soon as possible. 2. The training courses face to Chinese mainland

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Good news: MRT senior data recovery training courses is enrolling! The training course mainly base on MRT application technologies to deal with HDD firmware problems. HDD data recovery industry has been emerged for more than 10 years, new products of

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MRT users resources download area has been opened, link address: The resources download area provides related software of data recovery and HDD repair, video tutorials, document resources, HDD firmware package, MRT labo

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MRT Pro data recovery tools have been upgraded in 28th May. This time we add many functions, for example, MRT WH software is downloaded in publish in this upgrade. MRT WH software is a part of MRT family tools, Software of toolsets are free-running e

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1. MRT laboratory Address: B-1403 Room, DeSheng building, Number 95 Huangxiaohe Road, Wuhan city, Hubei province, China. Contacts: Shunxue Chen E-mail: MSN: Telephone: +86-27-82621261 QQ number: 939601172 Please co

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Haveyou heard about MRT data recovery software? If yes, you must work on HDD repair field. Back in 2004, MRT Maxtor HDD repair only software recognized by HDD technicians rapidly, so the creator of software, Shunxue Chen was remembered by technicians

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Since 2004, MRT laboratory has been devoted to various HDD inner core technologies------firmware structure research, the initiator Shunxue Chen has been accumulated electronic machinery industry superb technologies for 20 years. When he works on HDD

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