I believe that everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the upcoming MRT release. This article will review the major upgrades of MRT for a pilot interpretation with screenshots of CN alpha version . This update is 2.1.4.x, please wait for the official

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Dear users, Thank you very much for your long-term support. MRT data recovery products Black Friday Christmas sale is coming! Time: From November28th, 2018toDecember 28th, 2018(Beijing timeGMT +8, based on the arrival time of payment).Please note tha

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Dear MRT users, Thank you for your long-term support to MRT! Since 2013, to meet different needs of our customer, MRT has launched online and offline versions, many customers are satisfied with the flexible payment method of the online version. At pr

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From 31 st August to 4 th September, MRT Lab have a holiday for team building,we went to the beautiful scenery city -- Zhangjiajie, it is in southwest China.Zhangjiajie is the shooting place of the famous film Avatar. It was listed into the World Her

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MRT data recovery software has been updated to a new official version on August 30th, 2018, and the new version number: Download link: http://us.mrtlab.com/download/MrtEnSetups2127.rar Both Ultra and Express can download from the address ab

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Dear MRT users, kindly notice that MRT Lab will be closed from 31th,August to 4th,September for our company team building holiday, we will be back on 5th, September. During holiday, users can still use online recharge to renew their devices.If you a

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It may be necessary to short-circuit in the process of repairing a Seagate hard drive, aiming to make the disk has the access to enter T level, and this is the traditional way to repair Seagate hard drives. However, it is time-consuming along with lo

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June6 th ,2018 MRT2123version, version: Upgrade the driver of Ultra, optimize the size of buffer Increase system stability This is a paid version. WD utility, upgrade to Add USB decryption type of SW6316XTS (1927) Add support to new fa

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