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 MRT data recovery software upgrade log

Jan 29th, 2019
MRT 2130 version, version number:
1. Optimize main program notification function, the prompt will appear in the lower right corner and allow users to cancel the notification message.
2. Add full support for new MRT USB terminal , which can automatically detect and set the terminal voltage (need to upgrade to new terminal)
3. This upgrade is charged

Western Digital Utility:
1. Support for the new Marvell 88i10XX and LSI TT67XX controllers has been added to the Boot-ROM mode;
2. The data transfer speed has been increased in the Boot-ROM mode. Both loader and Upper program have been optimized
3. 1961 (WD10JMVW) has been added into support list of USB decryption
4. Add a new family: Apollo
5. Re-program the RAM Headmap Editing function, in which the HDD with board ver.800022 has been added, which meanwhile enhances its compatibility with some drives previously not well supported
6. Enhance and optimize the HDD ID Editing function, add editing options for three major categories: Features, SED, SMART features
7. Enhance Clear SMART function, add two more ways to clear SMART
8. Enhance and optimize LDR uploading
   1) Add the option of uploading module 01 to HDD RAM while updating SPT option
   2) Add the option of uploading module 02 to HDD RAM while fixing slow response issue
   3) Add one key solution which automatically uploads all microcode module once and for all.
   4) Modeless Dialog is now available in this session
9. Re-program the function of Creating LDR File to solve compatibility issue with some drives previously not well supported
10. Re-program the function of Loading Module List from HDD, which is now renamed as Loading module 01 into HDD RAM. In addition to the modification above, three more options have been added in this session: Uploading LDR;Uploading module 02 into HDD RAM;Enable the Access to Service Area in RAM
11. The function of Disabling Access to Service Area has been optimized which now would disable the service area access of all heads
12.The tips of 02/411/30 being disabled has been added in Bootup process
13. The tips of service area access being disabled has been added in Bootup process
14. The Voltage Setting for newly released com-port device has been added
15. ROM Headmap Editing function has been optimized
16. The working mechanism of Editing ABA Range has been optimized where the tips of service area access being disabled or enabled has been added

DE Utility, version:
1. .FNM and .QFNM are added to the task file.
2. Fix the problem that "Marking Effective Partition" feature would possibly crashes under certain circumstances

Seagate F3 Utility, version:
1. The solution for repairing Rosewood(LM) sector access interruption has been added,which requires the assistance of Virtual Start(Original Firmware is needed)
2. The solution for repairing Rosewood(LM) sector access interruption without backup has been added,which currently cannot be applied to the HDD with 3 heads
3. Add virtual start family:0x63(NM0053),0x91(NM0055,VX0023),0x72(LM000, LM024),0x9B(DM004,DM005),0xA0(VX000,DM004),0xAD(DM008)
4. Newly added family: 0xA0,0xAD
5. Add terminal voltage adaptation
6. Add 3M, 6M baud rate
7. Add the function to delete Firmware Unlock Code in ROM Tools(Only applicable for the patch made in and after ver. 2.1.3.x)
8. Add the function to delete Virtual Start Code in ROM Tools(Only applicable for the patch made in and after ver. 2.1.3.x)
9. Modify the system file size to be displayed by sector
10. Optimize ABA Read/Write mechanism for system file
11. Optimize the backup scheme to ensure files obtained from copy1 would not overwrite the files from Copy0
12. Optimize the way status information displays in the Hex editor
13. Optimize the print information of automatic adaption

Samaung Utility:
1. Optimize the startup process and increase the startup speed
2. Editing headmap has been optimized to acquire better compatibility with old HDD(T166S, M40S, M60S, M80S, etc.). The failure of obtaining module 9D has been fixed
3. HDD Initialization with Headmap Editing has been optimized to acquire better compatibility with the old drives (T166S, M40S, M60S, M80S, etc.)
4. View Rom Information has been optimized to have better compatibility with the old drives (T166S, M40S, M60S, M80S, etc.)
5. Fix the issue that Quick Start Last Task only supports a part of functions in the menu(such as "View Rom Information"), and most menu items are now supported.
6. Optimize the functions such as "View Module", "Backup Module", "Backup Track", "Batch Write Track", "Batch Write Module", "Hard Disk Resource View Edit" to display all the heads when operating
7. Add verification when Read/Write ROM
8. Optimize the utility to ensure HDD will not turn bsy or fail to obtain module list when trying to get module list after the ROM has been written into HDD.
9. Optimize ROM data source dialog,three options are now available: database, file, hard disk
10. Add the function of Automatic ROM Save which enables a part of ROM reading relevant task to automatically save a ROM file to the working directory under the folder of AutoSave
11. Optimize the utility to ensure entering Debug mode forcibly upon failure (which may cause the hard disk to be unstable)
12. Optimize the utility to ensure T166S family to obtain correct S defect list
13. The voltage setting for newly released com-port device has been added
14. Add new supported model: HD753LI, HD322HI, HD252HJ

August 30th, 2018
MRT 2128 version, version number:
1.This version is free for users who are using 2.1.2.X
2.Added several SSD repair tool
3.Virtual boot are supported in more Seagate families, and improve serial port read and write stability. Head shielding is supported in 9YN series.
4.Added MrtHex independent hex editor, The menu is located in the main interface "Tools -> Open Hex Editor"
5.Redesigned the main program icon
6.Supported read firmware and write firmware by DMA
7.A new hardware compatibility detection tool has been added, located in MRT installation directory "MrtTool.exe"

Added MrtHex independent hex editor, initial version:
1.In MRT main interface, elect "Tools -> Open Hex Editor" to visit
2.File editing functions: copy, paste, delete, cut, repeal, support to open multiple files, support file drag and drop.
3.Support to compare multiple files at same time
4.Support to customize the number of columns displayed
5.Count number of occurrences of 0x00-0xFF per byte
6.Find the specified hexadecimal data or string and display it as a list
7.Record the cursor position to position to the previous position and the next position

WD utility, upgrade to:
1.Optimized load LDR function, solve the long wait problem caused by subsequent operations when the hard disk is busy after loading LDR

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
1.Fixed the problem of writing ROM of HM500JI disk.

Seagate F3 utilitu, upgrade to:
1.Added more families for virtual boot: 3A(ST1000524NS),3F(12 generation DM002),40(ST2000542AS),44(ST32000646NS)
2.Improved the stability of fast read and writing ROM under Bootcode mode
3.Improved the stability of writing 3D in virtual boot
4.Fixed the software crash after ABA writing.
5.Increased waiting time after automatic unlocking and power-off-on
6.Added power button in the second step of virtual boot
7.Added button to switch terminal interface on family selection panel
8.Fixed bugs in some interfaces
9.Added head cut function of 9YN series

Added Plextor Marvell utility (SSD), initial version:
1.General features (including user sector viewer, database, ATA parameter settings, etc.)
2.View disk ID
3.View password
4.Reset password
5.Hard disk initialization
6.Dump chip data to file
7.View Dump

Add Crucial Marvell utility (SSD), initial version:
1.General features (including user sector viewer, database, ATA parameter setting, etc.)
2.Basic information
3.Full backup of resources
4.Read ROM
5.Read firmware
6.Edit "Manufacture data"
7.View disk ID
8.Dump chip data to file
9.Low level format
10.View Dump
11.Backup module list
12.Module batch write

Add Sandisk Mavell utility (SSD), Version:
1.General features (including freeze HDD lock, set HDD password, unlock or cancel password, user sector viewer, logic scan, database, ATA parameter Settings, etc.)
2.View basic information
3.Start the log process
4.Module list
5.View module
6.Write module
7.Batch read module
8.Batch write module
9.Read ROM
10.Write ROM
11.View chip ID
12.Dump chip data
13.Format STARs

Add Sandisk Plus 2246xt utility, Version:
1.General features (including freeze HDD lock, set HDD password, unlock or cancel password, user sector viewer, logic scan, database, ATA parameter Settings, etc.)
2.View basic information
3.Get CP list
4.CP viewer
5.Batch read CP
6.View chip information
7.Dump viewer
9.Clear SMART
10.Backup firmware
11.View password
12.Low level format
13.Load LDR
14.Reset SSD controller
15.Write CP

Add OCZ series utility (SSD), Version:
1.Safe mode
2.Normal mode
3.Read firmware
4.Read ID
5.Dumps saving
6.Common features (including security subsystem, user sector viewer, database, ATA parameter setting, opening current working folder, etc.)

July 3rd, 2018
MRT 2125 version, version:
- this update is a free version to fix bugs of version
- optimize photo and icon of installment program and "about" dialog box

WD utility, upgrade to
- Optimize support for hard drives with 10 heads
- Add function of loading module 0x1B (in the option of Load LDR from file), as well as optimize function of Load LDR from file, aiming to support 19xx series better, and after loading successfully, module list and service area SPT information will be updated automatically.

Samsung utility, upgrade to
- Add function of using virtual RAM headmap to initialize hard drive
- Optimize acquisition logic of module list

Seagate F3 utility, upgrade to
- Fix crash bug when using virtual start
- Fix the bug that one option was forbidden in function menu
- Fix crash bug when unlocking firmware

June 6th, 2018
MRT 2123 version, version:
- Upgrade the driver of Ultra, optimize the size of buffer
- Increase system stability
- This upgrade is not free

WD utility, upgrade to
- Add USB decryption type of SW6316XTS (1927)
- Add support to new family PebbleB
- Add more series' writing/reading ROM under Boot Rom mode, including series of 1640-003v,1574,1931
- Add function of loading module 411 to RAM (under function of loading LDR)
- Add function of enabling module 411
- Add function of disabling module 411
- Add function of collecting defects of user sector via CHS address
- Add function of enabling/disabling module 02
- Add function of enabling/disabling module 30
- Add reading / writing by RAM shortcut button in right side toolbar, modules can be opened by RAM in module list
- Add shortcut menu of turning on and off the service area
- Add function of loading module list from disk and loading LDR automatically
- Add function of repairing slow response in RAM
- Add function of uploading module 02 to RAM (under function of loading module list from disk)
- Add function of closing SA access in RAM
- Add function of opening SA access in RAM
- Add function of creating new module
- Add function of modifying module size
- Add function of deleting module
- Optimize function of editing ROM head map, drives with 10 heads now can be supported
- Optimize SPT acquisition logic to support drives with 10 heads
- Optimize function of module list to support new module list structure

Samsung utility, upgrade to
- Add RAM head map editing function
- Add function of head map setting(in source download interface), can be used to shield head along with burn in test function
- Add function of viewing ROM information, displaying ROM type, ROM verification, FIPS address size, Platform Id, headmap and other information
- Add function of reading FIPS module
- Add function of writing FIPS module
- Add function of clearing FIPS module
- Add function of entering/exiting Debug mode
- Optimize terminal reading and writing interface
- Optimize function of burn in test
- Modify family selection interface, add enter/exit Debug mode button and auto detect family button

Seagate F3 utility, upgrade to:
- Add support of unlocking to new families of: ID55(LM010),ID59(VM003),ID72(LM024),ID79(VM003),ID87(LM028、LM030),ID91(NM0055),ID94(DM002),ID9B(DM004,DM005)
- Add support of high baud rate in virtual start, reduce virtual start time (exclude families ID59, ID94 etc.)
- Add support of virtual start to new families of: ID55(LM010),ID59(VM003),ID63(NM0033),ID75(LT012),ID76(LT032),ID81(LM033,LM034), ID87(LM028,LM030),ID8C(LM007,LM035,LM048),IDA5(LM035,LM048),ID94(DM002)
- Add virtual start option of Patch_ERR_WriteLDR to solve the problem that LM series can't write LDR (ERR in SATA status), the specific families are ID81,ID87,ID8C,IDA5
- Added patch function of family ID72-Kahuna_5400-SSHD (LM000,LM014) to solve the problem that no commands can be executed in serial port
- Add support of reading/writing of drives with 4K service area
- Add support of writing system file via ABA mode, providing a new method to solve user sector access interruption malfunctions, the specific families are ID8C(LM035),IDA5(LM048)
- Add 4K detection of service area via ATA and serial modes
- Add head adaption of Yarra1D(5F), Yarrar5400(75), Moose(27)
- Add the number of drive heads that need to be initialized during initialization
- Add 8M judgment of ROM size of families ID81(LM033,LM034),ID87(LM028,LM030)
- Add function of head shielding of 9YN164 series of family ID58, and support to family ID59( shield head 0 is not supported, and must remain no less than 2 heads)
- Add function of head shielding of family ID40 (Currently only supports hard drives with four heads)
- Add function of modifying model of family ID75 (LT012) (by modifying module or corresponding system file)
- Add function of shielding ZONE (by modifying ROM)
- Add function of shielding head automatically (only generation 12 can be supported)
- Add function of refreshing and writing of ROM tools
- Optimize the naming rules of ROM saving (Data+Serial Number+Time)
- Optimize the judgment rules of entering BootCode mode
- Optimize the judgment rules of creating LDR
- Fix LED malfunction when backup system file
- Fix malfunction when baud rate is over 460800
- Fix 4K address transition when adding defects to G-list
- Fix malfunction in virtual start that sometimes empty ROM will be written
- Fix malfunction that sometimes options of reloading modules, system files can't be selected
- In family panel, it shows supported important features of each family
- Integrate functions of firmware unlock and modify model into ROM tools
- Integrate function of ROM adaption into ROM tools
- Add ROM tool, RAM operation into shortcuts bar
- Delete firmware unlock mode one

DE utility, upgrade to:
- Add map function
- Add function of exporting data to specified target hard drives
- Add function of exporting data to specified target folders
- Add function of exporting list map to binary format
- Add function of exporting binary to list map format
- Add function of choosing random image address
- Add function of file analysis calculator
- Add function of operating target tasks individually
- Add support of VHDX type of the target virtual disk
- Add support of target virtual disk under 64-bit system
- Add option to save bad file or not save
- Optimize function of mounting when browsing tasks
- Fix enumeration display of VHD devices under 64-bit system
- Fix the wrong name of the saved bad folder

Toshiba utility, upgrade to
- Add support of 3.5’ MG04ACA series
- Add support to 2.5’ MQ03ABF075 series

Hitachi ARM utility, upgrade to
- Add 3.5” HU_7240AL series
- Add 3.5” HUA7230ALA6 series

Database utility, upgrade to
- Optimize function of opening and closing logic
- Optimize function of searching

December 6th, 2017
MRT 2113 version, version:
- This update is chargeable
- Add SSD utility (Beta)

Seagate F3, upgrade to:
- Add ROM reading and writing in LT,LM series
- Add firmware unlock of LT,LM series in the family ID of 5F,87,8C,A5
- Add firmware unlock of NM series in the family ID of 91
- Add virtual boot of family with ID 4F
- Add arbitrary head cut for 1CH series of 14 generation
- Add the support of loading LDR via serial port
- Add the support of modifying model for most HDDs
- Add head adaption of family with ID 72
- Support high baud rate when reading/writing ROM of family with ID 4F,55,59,76,7A,86,91,A5
- Add family panel (91,7A,A5)
- Add manually modify configuration file when reading/writing ROM under BootCode (In the MRT installation directory, the file name is SGT-F3GBootCodeBRF.ini)
- Optimize creating LDR incomplete issue of family with ID 56
- Add firmware unlock of family with ID 0x7A
- Rebuild head cut method of 1CH family
- Fix 03 module parsing problem of several HDDs
- Fix check error of firmware unlock mode I
- Fix the LED error during head cut of part 1CH disks (updated on 6th,December)

Toshiba, upgrade to:
- Add family of HDWJ1 MQ01UBD

DE, upgrade to:
- Add HFS+ file system parsing, based on GPT and DOS partitions (Apple file system)
- Add function of creating compressed bitmap during data image (Range File)
- Add saving bad files separately and automaticaly
- Add support of mounting and file parsing of disk with capacity larger than 2TB
- Support mounting source disk with capaciity larger than 2TB
- Optimize GPT partition expansion function
- Optimize NTFS system parsing
- Add support to target disk of VHD type
- Add version number of DE task file
- Update MRT VIRTUAL driver, optimize driver transfer speed of disk with capacity larger than 2T
- Optimize HFS+ system based on GPT partition
- Optimize creating task file
- Optimize create head map function

WD utility, upgrade to:
- Add support for 1945, 1590, 1552 and other series in Boot ROM mode
- Optimize automatic detection error bug of few families in initialize self test environment function
- Add self-test extended tool for users familiar with self-test, can choose random combination process to do self-test

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
- Add default module list for all series; Optimize access to module list; fix an issue that T166(S) series family module list fails to be acquired
- Add support for M7E,M8E family in write burn resource function
- Add the function of search burn resources in write burn resource, can search according to model, firmware version, Part Number (this data is showed in start process), optimization function panel
- Add the function of using serial port to download resources (showed in resources download panel)
- Add the function of using serial port to write ROM (showed in ROM panel)
- Add "Start Burn-In test" function and "Continue Burn-In test" function of M7E family

Database, upgrade to:
- Solve the issue of database import failure caused by language code in multi-language system environment

SSD repair utility, version: (Beta version)
- This tool is the initial version
- Include Samsung SSD utility, support Samsung 850,840,830 series.
- Include Intel 510 utility, support Intel 510 series.
- Include Marvell Controller utility, support SSD with Marvell Controller, such as Intel 320,710 series,etc.

July 5th, 2017
MRT 170705 version, upgrade to:
- Fix the hardware card version display inaccurate problem

WD utility, upgrade to:
- Fixed an issue that caused crash when loading module by ID with online ARCO
- Built resources into the software

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize reconstruction of S-list
- Optimize A-list to S-list
- Optimize scan and adding bad sectors function,m7e and other families can hide bad sectors by scan
- Optimize support for partial disk clear A-list
- Optimize read and write ROM, add the support for M8E, M9T and other families
- Built resources into the software

Database, upgrade to:
- Optimize support for some Seagate hard disk backup firmware to database

Seagate F3, upgrade to:
- Optimize the handshake rapidness
- Optimize DWF options in virtual start
- Optimize judge about ROM of some families has backup relationship
- Optimize defect list editing menu
- Optimize partial hard disk support BootCode
- Optimize extensibility to create Loader(control with INI configuration file that is user-editable)
- Optimize family 5F to create Loader
- Add high baud rate support in BootCode mode (family ID: 0x87, 0x8C, 0x9B).
- Built resources into the software
- Optimize the function that adding defects to Non-G List
- Optimize 03 module read, add read mode option (Tools -> Backup and Restore tracks -> Read SA ABA)
- Optimize adaptation function to support the editing of individual adaptive parameters
- Optimize access to family 94 system files
- Add family 94 firmware unlock and virtual start
- Optimize the LED problem when some family system files reading

May 19th, 2017
MRT 170519 version, upgrade to:
- Optimize reading/writing error handing on WD hdds with MRT Ultra
- Add online upgrade, users can obtain and input upgrade code independently
- Add the function showing which ATA port the current process attaches to on title bar
- Optimize new version reminder of update

Seagate F3 utility, upgrade to:
- Add support for 4K hdds when loading G-list
- Add Patch for Init SAMRT Fail,No HOST FIS-ReadyStatusFlags of ROM
- Add arbitrary head cut for 5400.6, 5400.5, 7200.4
- Add repair function for 5400.6, using factory firmware to operate FMT in user area
- Add clearing ATA passwords for part of LM, LT series
- Add ROM reading and writing in BootCode mode for part of LM, LT series
- Add virtual boot for part of DM series, which is used to deal with hdds that can not execute any command or show terminal error while the capacity is shown as 3.8 GB
- Add creating virtual boot Loader file for DM series (using together with virtual boot)
- Optimize DE creating head bitmap speed
- Optimize terminal COM port usability, automatically memorizing the correspondence between ATA interface and COM port when using multiple COM terminals

Seagate U5 utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize some functions

Hitatch ARM utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize DE creating head bitmap speed

DE utility, upgrade to:
- Add the new function of RAW recovery (for part format)
- Add data recovery for compressed files in NTFS format
- Optimize the function of searching partition in DE
- Optimize the logic of viewing sector data when mounting task
- Optimize the function of Toshiba's reading from utility in DE
- Optimize the information display of system disk on DE panel

WD utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize creating head bitmap speed
- Optimize the decryption support for SW6316 series USB hard drives
- Optimize family detection for Df2_veni
- Add scan and shield function for SA bad blocks
- Add ROM reading and writing in Boot ROM mode, support 1640, 1698 and other PCB model

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize the head bitmap for part of hdds from m7e,m8e families
- Support creating head bitmap of M6S_2D, M40S, MT2 family
- Optimize defects table display of some families
- Optimize Zone table display of some families

Database management tools, upgrade to:
- Add function of folder movement

November 2nd, 2016
MRT 161102 version, upgrade to:
- Add multiple controller card support, which enables users to install multiple MRT controller cards and run multiple MRT programs on the same computer.
- Add main and vice card support, which makes it possible to install main and vice cards on the same computer. The vice card is used to extend the interface number, and it needs to be bound with the main card to use.
- Added new Seagate F3 utility, which supports MRT Ultra and MRT Express controller cards.
- Add prompt of finding software update of new version.

Western Digital utility, upgrade to:
- Add new family support: Trailxlb, TRESXLB2, Inca, HubLT2, Hulk RE
- Add the decryption function of the USB-encrypted mobile hard disks (This function can be used coordinated with sector viewer and DE. And this function can be seen in reading from utility in DE) ,which supports most of the mainstream HDDs, such as WD My Passport series
- Add the function of retrieving password of the USB-encrypted mobile HDDs. This function can be used to retrieve the password when users forget the password (This function is in WD Marvell COM Port utility)
- Optimize family auto-detection and soft reset in WD Marvell COM Port module; add COM re-connect interface in family interface, which makes operations more smooth.
- Fix bug that caused the program to exit when USB HDDs are decrypted with running under a specific CPU
- Add the decryption of the self-encryption type in the USB decryption function

Database management tools, upgrade to:
- Optimize database access path settings
- Optimize directory browsing
- Optimize database and fix some BUG

Samsung utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize log font and interface display

Disk Scan utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize log font and interface display

Fujitsu utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize log font and interface display

Seagate utility, upgrade to:
- Add some new HDDs’ ROM reading and writing
- Add the function of ROM fast reading and writing, which makes the speed of reading and writing ROM greatly improved, with just ten seconds
- Add firmware unlocking of the DM family (Diagnostic Port Locked problem); support firmware unlocking for more models (such as Triangle PCB HDDs)
- Add the file presence prompt when backing up
- Add 11-generation, 12-generation automatic adaptation
- Add the function of modifying 11-generation models to any string (11-generation and all notebook models supported)
- Reconstruct Module 03 offset address algorithm
- Reconfigure automatic switch of all function mode of F3 family. Users don’t need to manually switch the serial binary mode any more
- Fix the problem of the power shortcuts baud rate’s not restoring
- Remove the procedures of manually selecting 11 generations, 12 generations for some functions
- Solve the problem of software crashing when shielding head and generating firmware
- Solve the problem of program crashing when entering Seagate Utility

DE utility, upgrade to:
- Add DE file mounting function. The DE task can be directly mounted as physical disk, and supports read-only mode mounting
- Optimize task saving management mechanism
- Optimize task initialization mechanism
- Optimize copying interface management, speed curve and bitmap interface
- Solve the problem of ATA port occupation

May 28th, 2016
MRT 160528 version, upgrade to:
- Add function of the "Mount Disk to OS"

WD utility, upgrade to
- Add SA range and module 01 address editing in RAM
- Add HDD ID editing in RAM
- Add firmware reboot, modified module generated
- Add HDD zone allocation checking
- Support self test environment initialization for HDD with PCB version newer than 1640 version

Samsung utility, upgrade to
- Add log of head map, password and so on
- Add HDD capacity editing, integrated into HDD ID editing function
- Add password checking
- Add SA track erasing
- Add S-list rebuilding from D-list and T-list

Disk scanning tools, upgrade to
- Add quick test function with 3 test modes for quickly detecting status of certain LBA.
- Add HDD self test
- Add NOP cyclic sending

Database management tools, upgrade to
- Add database access setting
- Add file and folder search
- Add database back-up

Seagate F3 utility, upgrade to
- Add logic head map editing in RAM
- Add logic head maps editing in RAM
- Add SAP flag editing in RAM
- Add "format flag" clearing
- Add non-resident DST-list editing
- Add system files in batches writing simultaneously
- Add SA command list searching and error displaying
- Add adaptive parameter modifying
- Add Generation 11 HDD head shielding (only support shielding last heads)
- Add function of LBA directly transforming into the format of P-list
- Recreate P-list editor and rename it as 03 module editor (support track defect list,Servo defect list,P-list)
- Add function of modifying any HDD model number of Generation 11
- Add firmware diagnostic mode unlock of Seagate HDD
- Optimize reading/writing ROM in BOOT CODE mode
- Optimize some function including shielding head

Data explorer, upgrade to:
- Optimize Operation of task file saving.
- Optimize File saving function in "file explorer" (file rename).
- Optimize File image and copy with head map.

Hitachi ARM utility, upgrade to:
- Add "CHS Defect List Editor" and "LBA Defect List Editor"
- Add "G-list Edit"

Hitachi IBM utility, upgrade to:
- Optimize "Backup Module Object" function.
- Add "Select From Database" in "Writing Modules" option

Toshiba utility, upgrade to:
- Add support for the following new families:59GSMP 59GSM MQ01ABDH MQ01ABDF family.
- Add "Select From Database" in "Write CP" option

Fujitsu utility, upgrade to
- Add SA self-test
- Add module structure test
- Add RAM module reading/writing
- Add database manager

February 1st, 2016
MRT 160201 version, upgrade to:
- MRT Ultra support for high-speed PCIE slot
- Add Utility for supporting WD USB hard disk
- Add Utility for supporting COM port to read/write firmware of WD hard disk
- Add function of showing status of MRT Ultra slot
- Add display for remaining days for using MRT online version
- Set drive C as default storage path for saving firmware and MRT users can reset it as well

Disk scanning tool, upgrade to:
- Add low resource occupancy mode as default for MRT Ultra. When scanning disk in low resource occupancy mode, the occupancy rate of CPU is low, which makes task efficiency much higher.
- Optimize some details for Disk scanning tool.

Seagate F3 Utility , upgrade to:
- Add function of shielding head of Seagate F3 series hard disk.(only support MRT Express and MRT Ultra)
- Add functions of deleting specific item type in P-list editor(Specific for shielding head of Seagate hard disk )
- Add exclusive Seagate F3 disk scanning function and concerned editing LBA deficit- list function
- Optimize ROM tool interface
- Add functions of selecting ROM module and head adaptive
- Add function of decrypting ST500L series hard disk
- Increase success rate of head parameter adaptive in Seagate ROM change auxiliary tool and support more a dozen of Seagate family
- Optimize P-list editor and no more support CHF file but RPM file
- Optimize LDR function and create commonly-used Loader.
- Add the function of scanning with low resources occupancy in disk scanning tool
- Add the function of editing physical head map in RAM
- Fix the problem of occasional backing up system file failure

WD Utility, upgrade to
- Add support for the following new families:Sdb6GM, Sadl 6MR, Tresxlb, DF1_PL, Df2_PL4K, Df2_veni, Df4 PL3K, Df4 PL4K
- Add WD USB utility to operate firmware of WD USB hard disk
- Add support for reading/writing firmware of some USB 3.0 families, for example, Firebird, Zephyr, Denali etc.
- Add the function of scanning device and refresh list from Device Manager in USB module. More convenient to use.
- Add function of initializing auto self-test environment, which can initializing self-test environment with one click and online self-test hard disk or create 28 script module and open self-test hard disk offline
- Add new self-test monitor interface and optimize self-test monitor logic so that monitoring data can be more accurate.
- Reconstruct core code working mechanism
- Optimize online ARCO function so that online ARCO function can better support
- Optimize function of clearing S.M.A.R.T so that clear it more thorough and more all-round
- Optimize 28 script module editor

Samsung Utility , upgrade to
- Support Samsung 1.8 family such as HS12YHA and so on
- Support some family of HD1031, HD501LJ and so on
- Support selective head image of M8E 2.5 family

Data Explorer, upgrade to
- Reconstruct file imaging and file parsing in DE and make it more stable and efficient based on MRT 150930 version.
- Optimize function of copying data into image and system disk by reading utility.
- Redesign function of searching partition in DE
- Redesign function "filling the target sector" and modify map selecting panel which can fill in all map type
- Optimize function of task creating in DE
- Redesign function of DE visual partition in DE
- Optimize function of checking head map block
- Optimize function of dealing with timeout of backward read in task of parsing file
- It can support Linux system to identify, save file and check first sector under Gpt partition and dos partition.
- Optimize operation mode of list control in the interface in the task of parsing file.
- To right-click list control in the interface is not to parse the first sector in the task of parsing file
- Rewrite function and logic of saving file, New function of saving file has interface showing remaining file numbers and their size and countdown interface.
- Redesign logic and layout of function of log and basement of it
- Add two functions in log page, one is checking specific character string and another one is checking next specific character string
- Support Linux file system.

Hitachi ARM, upgrade to
- Add function of shielding head for MRT Pro and MRT Express

Toshiba, upgrade to
- Add function of all MQ family series for MRT Pro and MRT Express.

September 30th, 2015
MRT 150930 version, upgrade to:
- fix the problem “when opening multiple MRT processes, canceling the last process will lead to the crash of other processes”
- optimize the underlying library for MRT Ultra 5-port card, fix the multiple transmission problem for 5-port card.
- update the calculation method of machine code and registration code, fix the problem that registration code can easily lose effect.
- add support for 64 bit Windows OS in MRT Ultra 5-port card

ROM programmer tool, version:
- add support for 1.8V chip

Data Explorer, version:
- add the menu of “top-speed mode”. In top-speed mode, the actual copy speed can be up to 123M/s for 2-port card, 480M/s for 5-port card
- fix the error in progress bar after opening DE for many times
- add target disk info in the title bar of DE task
- change the stop logic of read with active MRT utility. In the case of slow block, the task can be the stopped quickly
- add progress bar for the function “search partition”
- upgrade the functions “scan MFT”, “search partition”, “view the size of file”
- fully upgrade the function “reverse copy” in file parsing task
- fully upgrade the function of processing bad tracks in file parsing task
- solve the problem of crash caused by using the mouse wheel after exiting DE utility
- solve the problem of memory loss in file parsing task
- solve the problem that there prompts error infinitely when MRT image failed to be created in DE
- add support for “read block size = 2016 sectors” to enhance the copy speed of MRT Ultra 5-port card.
- reduce the times of reading/writing memory at file image to improve the efficiency.
- modify the display style of waveform for speed, so as to make it self-adaptive for displaying
- when target disk of image is mounted on the system, after modifying MBR, the enable/disable target device is changed to be automatic now, which does not require manual operation

WD module, version:
- add support for new families about editing RAM head map
- add selective protection mechanism for writing track to make it more convenient to use
- revise the function of formatting SA tracks
- add support for editing capacity of HDD with 4K firmware structure
- add the function of clearing translator
- load test code from file for ARCO
- add log view function for 46, 69, 6A, 6B and other ARCO processes
- revise the function “edit RAM head map”, add support for old model HDD in memory diagnostic tool
- add PST process log view function

Toshiba, version:
- supports clearing SMART in IDE hard disk
- update database of 34GAX, change to read by ATA
- supports reading by ATA for all series, since then Toshiba hard disk doesn’t need terminal COM port to read/write firmware
- re-write structure analysis of 1.8 " Toshiba
- update zone table size parameters of 1.8’’ Toshiba in database, change 1 sector to 2 sectors

Hitachi ARM, version:
- fix the bug of incorrect prompt of sector editor
- revise the function of editing LBA
- add the function of clearing P-list
- add the function of shielding head (only in MRT Ultra 5-port card and MRT Express 2-port card).

Hitachi IBM, version:
- fixed the bug of incorrect prompt in sector editor
- change ROM size in HTS5432xxL9 database

April 18th, 2015
MRT Pro 150418 version, version number:
- Add support for MRT new 2-port card
- Add support for 64-bit Windows operating system (only in new card)
- Add support for multi-process. Multiple MRT processes can be run at the same time without affecting each other. (only in new card)
- Update driver program with more stable performance and less system resources occupation. The new driver program contains digital signature of MRT Lab

Data Explorer, version:
- Add support for Persian and some other codes
- Optimize HDD status handling in error handling
- Fix the crash at File Explorer

Western Digital, version:
- Add the function "Edit ABA range" (integrated to editing ROM module)
- Add support for new families: Draco, Giant, Bigbear
- Fix the problem that can't load Module 10 when loading LDR from database

Toshiba, version:
- Add support for editing P-List, shielding head/zone in MQ01ABD series (only in new card)

February 5th, 2015
Mrt Pro 150205, version:
- Rewrite low level library, add multiple-hardware support.

Western Digital, version:
- Add support for COM program, users can use COM port instead of ATA port to repair disk firmware
- Add the feature of factory read in COM program (DE can copy data in factory mode)
- Add the feature of editing ROM module (users can edit the address of module 01, headmap, SA defect list etc.)
- Optimize the resource integration mode of loading LDR, add integration for module 10
- Optimize the method of selecting file to write ROM
- Add main progress bar
- Revise font and alignment

Database management tools, version:
- Add support for importing FDB file
- Fix occasional crash when saving & compressing file to database

Fujitsu, version:
- Add support for creating headmap in 49-bit address large-capacity hard drive

Disk Scanning Tools, version:
- Add brute-force decrpting HDD, for enumerating HDD password
- Add setting HDD feature (e.g. Enable write cache)
- Fix the crash caused by defect file locked when scanning

Samsung, version:
- Fix the crash at "Getting HDD ID" on startup screen

Hitachi IBM, version:
- Modify the initialization process of IBM 3.5' hard drive
- Add progress bar on the main interface
- Fix the bug that program crashes when appending LBA to G-List
- Improve head test
- Fix the data of NVRC size in module list
- Fix the incorrect prompt of P-List viewer
- Revise detailed report of SA structure test to amend the reported data
- Revise SA overall offset to fix the bug of offset failure
- Revise the function of reading RAM in batch
- Revise the function of loading LDR, remove the option "Load zone"
- Revise the function of calibrating NV entry address, modify the operational logic of it
- Revise the function of "Re-identiy device" to make HDD info re-identifiable without exiting program
- Fix the incorrect display of progress bar when reading/writing module
- Optimize log font

Hitachi ARM, version:
- Add NV-RAM viewing panel, modify the icon of data source selection button
- Add annotation for module RAMI in module list
- Add shortcut of module list
- Add main progress bar in the main interface
- Revise the function of "Re-identify device" to make HDD info re-identifiable without exiting program
- Revise HDD unlocking of ARM
- Fix the incorrect display of progress bar when reading/writing module
- Fix the incorrect display of P-List viewer, add two displayed data segments
- Optimize log font

Toshiba, version:
- Change log font to make log characters align

Seagate U5 Series, version:
- Add the feature of viewing HDD password
- Add the feature of clearing password

Seagate F3, version:
- Add the feature of editing non-resident G-List, LBA file and PBA file can be imported (4k disk does not support importing LBA file, adding LBA segments, or adding PBA segments)
- Add rapid removal of non-resident G-List (ATA, ABA, serial port (only 7200.12))
- Improve ROM tools. Check is divided into check selected area and check entire block. The speed is faster.
- 7200.11 disks can create LDR, write LDR by ATA. Fix the bug occurs when writing LDR in former version (writing by ATA and writing by serial port can both work properly)
- Improve diagnostic mode -- SA test and repair
- Add read/write sys file by ATA for 7200.11 disks
- Improve P-List editor, the adding/deleting speed is faster
- Add the feature of shielding bad tracks by head
- Add the feature of shielding bad tracks by zone
- Add the feature of editing physical headmap
- Add the feature of editing SAP control flags
- Add the feature of fixing sim error 1009
- Fix the problem that some disks report serial port error when getting sys file
- Improve P-List editor to make adding/deleting speed faster. Users can delete entries by head/cylinder
- Add the feature of backing up system files in batch
- Fix the incorrect position of checksum caused by SAP/CAP division in ROM

Data Explorer, version:
- Adjust skipping logic: "Skip 0 sector" indicates do not skip, i.e. continue to read next sector; "Skip 1 sector" indicates skip the following setor and read the next.
- Optimize error handling. Improve the performance of error handling and the accuracy of reading.
- Add error handling after backward reading error or backward reading timeout
- Add error handling and timeout handling for retry.
- Change the format of map file to make it fully compatible with that of PC3000 UDMA (Binary file format). Users no longer need to use PC3000-to-MRT task map conversion tool. (DE of this version is not compatible with former DE task files. It doesn't support the map format of "List of rangs".)
- Change head block to non-modal dialog box for easy viewing.
- Improve the feature of creating virtual partition.
- Solve the problem that deleting task directory leads to saving task file failure when automatic saving is set
- Fix the total LBA error when scanning partition
- Fix the error of heads number.
- Fix interface stuck when multiple interfaces tiled
- Fix occasional crash at rapid expanding file.
- Fix file parsing error
- Fix system stuck caused by exhausted memory when doing file image in Windows XP
- Optimize creating headmap, fix error of head number
- Solve the problem that invalid partition is created when there is parsing disk LBA error caused by disk data error
- Fix the error caused by saving data failed
- Solve the problem that other windows cannot be operated properly at the window of sector map and speed curve
- Solve the problem that the program cannot stop skipping after task is stopped or disk is powered off.
- Add the feature of searching partition
- Add the custom option for creating task name when creating task
- Add the feature of modifying port of source disk when opening a task
- Add the prompt of retry count and "skipping" in task status at read error retry
- Add the feature of filling target disk by sector status
- Add the display of sector status for easy reading, the status of sector pointed by mouse can be displayed in characters
- Fix the crash at expanding root directory of partition

September 20th, 2014
Mrt Pro 140920, version number:
- Rewrite Seagate F3 module (beta)

Data Explorer, version:
- Modify backward read mode for skipped area
- Fix the fault arises when setting factory program in special cases
- Fix the bug of automatically deleting files after skipping
- Fix the bug “program cannot be exited when clicking Pause immediately after clicking Stop task”
- Remove the option "Run factory program" when creating task
- Add the option “Create partition head map”
- Add the options “Create virtual partition” and “Delete virtual partition”
- Add the option “Automatically create task name”
- Add support for GPT partition
- Optimize parsing and scanning NTFS
- Establish global MFT entries corresponding table, optimize the speed of scanning and parsing
- Add the function of viewing and editing data template
- Add data template in sector editor
- Add right-click menu for sector editor status bar
- Modify the control “file list” to make it consistent with operating habit
- When positioning sector at disk image, there will be a blue border at the sector jumped to, with a character “x” inside marking it. It will not disappear even when mouse entering the border. It is more convenient for viewing.
- Add the function of counting nodes size in file tree, supports NTFS, FAT32 / 16/12, exFAT file systems.
- Count the total size of multiple marked nodes. (When counting marked size, you cannot select root node. Counting folders size in multiple partitions is supported)
- After modification of file tree operation, we adjust the operation of scanning partition accordingly.
- Creation time of recovered file will be the same as the time it was created, not the time when it was recovered.
- Fix the fault that “factory mode cannot be exited after setting task transmission mode”
- Cancel the default checked status of “soft reset” when creating a task
- Optimize the function of counting multiple selected files
- Change the default task name to “Rename” when creating a task
- Fix the fault that “GPT partition can be identified but cannot be expanded”
- Fix the fault that “when another DE task is browsing files, the existed DE task doing file image would crash”
- Allow interface operation when scanning file system and marking valid data of partition
- Unify the operation of marking valid data and scanning partition. They both can be done only when partition expanded
- Optimize LBA conversion interface and operation to make it more convenient to operate
- Support task name with a maximum length of 128 characters
- Fix the fault that “Root node cannot be expanded after scan terminated”

Rewrite Seagate F3 utility, version:
- Add P-List translator
- For some of HDD families, support to get module list when ATA is not ready. Support by serial port method to read and write module
- Add reading and writing system file . 12 generation and above, it supports ATA method, serial port method, ABA method to read and write. 11 generation, it supports ABA method to read and write system file
- Changing ROM Tools, it can edit CAP, SAP, RAP.
- It supports to back up module CP ROM tracks files to database, and read from data function
- Support back up ROM by serial port method. Support back up ROM by system files method
- New method of getting tracks list
- Revise reading and writing bug (The problem of reading and writing cache is too smal of some HDDs)
- Add scan and repair of tracks. Add scan and repair of ABA
- Provide more detail report of reading and writing tracks error. (It can reports the reading and writing error in a specific sector of tracks and if it is searching tracks error or sectors error)
- Add quick clear password function
- 12 generation and above, it supports to create LDR and write LDR by ATA method, by serial port method and by ABA method.
- 11 generation, it supports to create LDR and write LDR by by ABA method. It also support to create LDR from tracks
- Read and write tracks by ABA method. It can handle cross-track and heads problem
- It supports to get system files list by ATA method and serial port method
- Add test mode. It can repair some problems
- View password
- Add a subdirectory to the default directory folder based on the previous one. Named for the family member ID.
- Add automatically identify new family buttons in family selection dialog. When it is in the normal mode, it gets family name by ATA. When it is in the terminal mode, it gets family name by termianl
- Add one click to clear the password button. It supports some of HDD families.
- Add database function
- When you power on, it sets the terminal baud rate to 38400 automatically.
- Fix common terminal commands bug
- Fix P-List editing buf. Add deleting the specified type entries function. Support Deleting multi-selection
- Fix ROM tools bug
- Click ABA method to read and write system files, it will enter serial binary mode automatically.
- Exit serial binary mode will also remove the selection of ABA method to read and write system file
- Add writing ATA instructions directly when Write LDR. (Using this function when HDD is ready)
- Add repair Init Smart Fail function
- Add repair MCMT function
- Optimize some details

Hitachi ARM, Version:
- Modify toolbar icon of main interface
- Revise the decrypting function. Add the function of backing up ROM, which only supports decrypting of HDDs with 3 heads or more by now.
- Fix the bug that prompt in function button on main interface

Hitachi IBM, version:
- Revise the function of shielding heads (supports all notebook hard drives of new series with SATA interface)
- Revise the function of redefining master head mannually
- Revise the function of generating Zone
- Add NV-RAM viewing panel. Fix the bug of loading NV-RAM from database error. Modify the button icon of selecting data source on NV-RAM viewing panel
- Add the function of clearing defects translator
- Add the shortcut menu of viewing modules list
- Add the function of translator regeneration
- Revise the function of clearing P-List and G-List, transforming G-List to P-List
- Revise the funciton of writing back modules in batch. Fix the bug of incorrect message on selection panel of writing back modules
- Revise the function of SA structure test
- Modify the toolbar icon of main interface
- Fix the bug that prompt in function button on main interface

Toshiba, version
- Revise G-List editor for Toshiba series HDDs. It supports G-List viewing, editing and writing back.
- Revise the function of transforming G-List to P-List for Toshiba series HDDs
- Modify the toolbar icon of main interface
- Revise the family selection panel. Add power control button and re-identify HDD button
- Fixed the bug of power lights
- Optimization of Smart function, combined the strong removal of Smart function

Western Digital, Version:
- Add loading support of 5C module
- Add creating LDR. Add one click load LDR function
- Add supporting new families:Giant,Kojn_Re,Trailxls,Diablo 3S
- Optmiize search function. Improve search length. Revise positioning wrong place when searching to the same module address
- Add to support ROM Head bitmap editing of new HDD
- Optimize test mode. Slove defects address problem and cumulative number problem. Add new loading LDR method
- Revise loading LDR log error
- Revise the problem of searching head 1 is not completely

Samsung, version:
- Add loading resources function
- Add defect list editing function. It can add S, A, D, T lists to translator to edit
- Add A list to S list, and S list log report
- Optimize clearing SMART function. Slove the problem of clearing SMART not completely
- Slove the problem of not supporting some HDDs to write ROM
- Revise editing defect list. Slove the problem of LBA type of files can not be added

May 28th 2014
MRT Pro 140528, version:
- Comprehensive optimization of CHS editor (P-List editor), including the optimization of the P-List to write, to increase the senior editor function, increase the import P-List function.
- Comprehensive revisions shielding head and shielding Dan function, support multiple shielding, regional Dan shield (with B5 module of the HDD) and the area of Dan shield.
- Optimization of create bitmap head function, support algorithm separately head with B5 module.

April 24th 2014
MRT Pro 0424 version
Data Explorer, version:
- Change default name when create task
- Add scan MFT, FAT, ExFAT functions
- Add the option of automatically delete files which save fail
- Optimize some details

WD module, version:
- Revise search the Bug of SA area
- Optimize recover write ROM function
- Repair many Bugs

April 9th 2014
MRT Pro 0409 version, main program version number:
- Add power lock and hard reset lock, avoid interrupt power when heat exchange

Database manage tools, upgrade:
- Add select files dialog box

WD module, upgrade to:
- The overall offset of microcode, add database function, add generate ROM option
- After adding search module, it will save the searched module lists to 01.RPM
- Add revising firmware version (in edit ID function)
- Add recovering write ROM function

Samsung module, upgrade to:
- Add edit ID function
- Add editing zone table and zone table reporting function
- Add MANGE 2.5'' series separate head support

Seagate F3 module, upgrade to:
- Add edit HDD ID, support the latest families of 7200.12 and above

ST U5 module, upgrade to:
- Add defect table edit function
- Add factory program serial data copy function
- Add open self calibration function

Data Explorer,upgrade to:
- Add initialization option, allow ATA device open task in case of no source disk
- Add read only work module, in this module, it only read target device data
- File system add pause, automatically skip function
- Add mark, image zone effective data function
- Add the related settings of file browse parameter
- Revise some bugs and optimize small details
- Notice: after upgrade DE, task parameter files are incompatible

Hitachi-IBM ,upgrade to version:
- Optimize Hitachi-IBM head testing arithmetic, the result is more accurate
- Strengthen Hitachi-IBM 3.5'' clear password function

Hitachi-ARM ,upgrade to version:
- Add database support
- Batch read module, add assemble way and select specify Copy way as well as whether to ignore read errors
- Integrate 2.5' and 3.5' virtual translator, provide various virtual ways for users to choose, solve the problem of loading fail from files
- Factory program copy support 2.5' and 3.5' HDDs at the same time, it can automatically rebuild translator and support the operations of hard reset and interrupt power, we suggest users select loading from files, in this way it can reduce the visit times of disk.

Toshiba, upgrade to version:
-Add database support
-Solve the problem of “CP module can’t read” when some HDDs kill zone and kill head, provide two ways of “calculation method” and “detection method” for users to choose

Feb 25th 2014
MRT Pro 0225 version, main program version NO.
- The directory configuration of users is stored in registries; reset MRT will not lose it.
- Update MRT token card driver program. Please install the newest drive when you run Driver Setup. exe.

Data base administration tools, upgrade to:
- Add administration core of data base files contents; reduce much set-up time of content index and data base files contents.
- Notes: When there is not content index file DbConfig.mdb in user configuration folder, the program would rebuild it automatically according to the data base files.
- If the data base is large and need long time to waiting, after creating it, it will take less time when you visit data base next time.

Western Digital module, upgrade to:
- Add kill head tools
- Add new family support:Tresselb,Shrek LT,Shrek
- Repair the problem of inconvenient to write ROM in last version
- Optimized the function of full backup resources, add assortment details.

Samsung module, update to:
- Add write ROM function

Scanning module, update to:
- Repair the bug of reverse scan breakdown now and then
- Add S.M.A.R.T information viewer
- Add Device ID viewer
- Optimization specific, make it more convenient

ST U5 module, the initial version:
- The initial version, supporting the Seagate hard disk before the 10th generation.
- ST U5 series terminal specially and the shortcut menu of common terminal command
- The conservation and loading of LER
- Hard disk resource view editor
- Service area track back-up and write back
- List and edit service area resource object

TOSHIBA module, update to
- Optimized the function of clear P List
- Add the function of head test
- Add the function of kill head
- Add the function of kill zone
- New family:26GAC、34GAX、36GAC、50GACE、65GSXN、75GSX

Hitachi-IBM ,update to version:
- Optimized the diagnoses module
- Add data base support
- SA structure testing adds select test head function
- SA structure testing adds detail test reporting function

Hitachi-ARM ,update to version:
- Optimized virtual translator function
- Optimized the function of clear password, solve the problem of hard to clear password of some series
- Add edit HDD configuration information function
- Add the support for some new Toshiba HDDs in the market (use Hitachi- ARM technology)

Maxtor ,update to version:
- Optimized read and write module in batch function
- Optimized read and write tracks in batch function

Data Explorer , update to:
- Add file system, support NTFS、FAT、ExFAT
- Revise action model of fill in data after read fail
- Revise action model of modify MBR function
- Revise several other details

March 3rd 2013
MRT Pro 1203 version, main program version number:
- Optimize database support

WD module, upgrade to:
- Add new family Tahoe PL
- Support database application overall (include backup ROM, ROM module, loading LDR and so on)
- Revise bug of diagnose module in version

Samsung module, upgrade to:
- Support use database to backup ROM

Toshiba module, upgrade to
- Add clear S.M.A.R.T forcefully; support most HDDs of 1.8'
- Strengthen the function of P-list edit

Seagate F3 module, version:
- Add separate head support of HDDs with 4K technology

November 17th 2013
MRT Pro 1117 version, main program version number:
- Add database support, is compatible with database of PC3000 UDMA
- Revise power switch shortcut, F11: on, F12: off

Data Explorer (beta version)
- Add task plan function
- Add automatic shut down function
- Add mark bitmap function
- Add lba value conversion function
- Add automatic test 4k HDDs
- Add data scan function when copying
- Add task parameter of scan type
- Add continuous reading function of sector editor
- Add automatic skip block strategy when separate copy
- Add factory program read small progress bar
- Revise the judge of scan color block
- Revise task statistics and progress statistics
- Revise virtual disk, identify USB device
- Revise factory program sometimes can't quit after reading
- Revise some other action module and small bug
- Notice: New DE task file is incompatible with last version

ROM programmer tools, version:
- Add the support for SST series Flash ROM chip

Database manage tools, initial version:
- Support view and edit data in database
- Support adds, delete, revise and check database folder and files by this manage tools
- Support lead out and lead in database files in batch
- Compatible with UDMA database (change UDMA database name into: MrtSource.fdb, put it into MRT user's folder and then you can use it)

WD module, upgrade to:
- Support new series ROM directory activate judgment
- Add virtual memory diagnose tools
- Add database supporting, you can use database to save, get, view and edit firmware resource
- Add new family support:Hubble LT,Fblite,Sadle 2D,Shreklt,Tresxls
- Diagnose model adds memory diagnose processes, optimize the way of add defects, suppuration is widely and more convenient
- Optimize the edition of memory head bitmap, humanization design

Samsung module, upgrade to:
- Add database supporting, you can use database to save, get, view and edit firmware resource

Hitachi-IBM ,upgrade to
- Diagnose model adds the function of automatically repair damaged key module
- Change head test arithmetic, testing result is more accuracy
- Add the function of 3.5'' HDD calibrate NV-RAM enter address
- Perfect the function of SA overall offset

Hitachi-ARM ,upgrade to
- Virtual translator adds the function of automatically repair damaged module function
- Adjust clear password function

Seagate F3 module, version:
- Revise ROM read and write function in Boot code model. Read and write ROM needn't short circuit
- Add full-automatic translator recover tools
- Add support for “MRT brush method”

September 30th 2013
MRT Pro 0930 version, main program version number:
- New architecture data recovery tools: MRT Data Explorer (beta)
- Add power switch shortcut keys, F10: on, F11: off

Data Explorer beta version
- Rewrite code, add many humanization designs, and improve serviceability
- Greatly accelerate the speed of clear bitmap and re-statistics bitmap
- Add search bitmap, statistics bitmap block, view head bitmap block functions
- Add actual time display copy Hex data and copy speed curve functions
- Add the option of select copy type when copy again
- Add the support for 4K HDD feature
- Add fast copy function

Data Recoverer, version:
- Bug repair: revise repeat display problem when read fail and read overtime

Seagate F3 module, version:
- Change the name of “change head auxiliary tools” to “change ROM auxiliary tools”

Samsung module upgrade to:
- Add read ROM function
- Optimize program core

WD module, upgrade to:
- Optimize diagnose module processes
- Optimize read and write function and stop logic
- Optimize module offset function
- Add separate head read and write function of multi heads
- Add new families

Hitachi-IBM, upgrade to
- Add diagnose module
- Add 2.5'' generate NV-RAM function
- Add 3.5'' HDDs edit HDD ID function
- Add 3.5'' HDDs edit NV-RAM function
- Add 3.5'' HDDs NV-RAM calibration function
- Revise view refurbish function in NV-RAM

Hitachi-ARM, upgrade to
- Strengthen read and write NV-RAM function
- Revise edit NV-RAM function
- Revise view refurbish and write back function in RAM
- Strengthen 2.5'' HDDs virtual translator function
- Virtual translator of 2.5'' HDDs support more models
- Deciphering function support more HDDs

Maxtor module, upgrade to
- Add view P-list function
- Add view G-list function
- Add the function of generate LDR from resource file
- Add SA structure test
- Add view track function
- Add hardware separate head function
- Add initialize SRV, DISK, RCT, FMTI module functions
- Strengthen edit HDD ID function

August 10th 2013
MRT Pro 0810 version, main program version number:
- Add Samsung HDDs repair module

Data Recoverer, version:
- Bug revise: terminate task, change the bug of DRQ lamp light all the time after reading way
- Perfect function: add skip LBA prompt when copy again
- Perfect function: tree root directory in file launch interface adds display HDD serial number and version number

Seagate F3 module, version:
- Add P list checkout function
- Add ROM read out and write function, support many series
- Add repair disk tools, can repair red and green block bad tracks
- Add change head auxiliary tools (beta version)

Add Samsung module, initial version:
- Support almost all 2.5, 3.5 SATA interface HDDs, support most 3.5 IDE interface HDDs
- Support DR separate copy function
- Add module list page, module HEX editor, users' sector viewer, HDD resource viewer
- Add use ATA read and write module, read and write module in batch
- Add terminal repair common failing "LED 1Axxx" function
- Add terminal soft reset, terminal hard reset function
- Add clear ALIST function
- Add clear SMART function
- Add clear password function

Fujitsu module, upgrade to:
- Revise HDD deciphering function, repair the problem of can't decipher
- Revise the problem of serial port restore to default setting incorrect

Scan program module, upgrade to1.0.0.4
- Add the option of putting the skipped sectors when meet bad blocks into defects table files when scanning
- Optimize multi functions

Hitachi-IBM, upgrade to
- Add generate ZONE function
- Add quick view NV-RAM function
- Add the function of load NV-RAM from files

Hitachi-ARM, upgrade to
- Add quick view NV-RAM function
- Add the function of load NV-RAM from files

Maxtor module, upgrade to
- Add family identification function
- Add generate LDR function
- Add load LDR function
- Add force boot HDD function
- Add repair key module function
- Add edit HDD ID function

Flash ROM programmer module, upgrade to
- Add the support for AT25F512A chip in Seagate HDDs before 10 generation
- Add read and write instruction setting, for unknown chip, users can refer handbook to set read and write order set

July 15th 2013
MRT Pro 0715 version, main program version number:
- Add Maxtor HDD repair module
- Rewrite disk scan program of new version, the old version is saved temporary

Data Recoverer, version:
- Repair the bug of forbidden disable read look-ahead in parameter setting

Scan program module, rewrite version:
- Rewrite scan program core, optimize multi designs
- Add UDMA read and write scan function
- Add scan save defects function and LBA defects editor
- Optimize safety erase and quick erase functions
- Add reverse scan function, user-defined scan the color of color block and save function as well as right key copy scan color block address function

WD module, upgrade to:
- Add online ARCO calibration function
- Add offline ARCO calibration function; enrich edit function of 28 module calibration script, such as new built, loading, save and so on
- In the diagnose processes of diagnose model, add common error repaired operation, optimize diagnose processes
- Optimize the function of write track files, make it supports xx_FF.trk track files
- Repair the problem of can't detect the first family in panel board, solve the problem of test abnormal in minority families such as Tornado

Fujitsu module, upgrade to:
- Add HDD deciphering function, it can clear HDD password

Hitachi-IBM module, upgrade to:
- Revise SA overall offset function
- Adjust "view NV-RAM" shortcut
- Solve the problem of the sudden failure of tool bar

Hitachi-ARM module, upgrade to:
- Adjust "view NV-RAM" shortcut

Add Maxtor module, initial version:
- Provide Maxtor HDD common repair functions

May 28th 2013
MRT Pro 0528 version, main program version number:
- Add the support for expand toolset

Seagate module, version:
- Solve the problem of HDD first ready after a long busy
- Add display SMP Dbl address

WD module, upgrade to:
- Add new deciphering way
- Add optional module detection
- Add the function of microcode overall offset and replace
- Add the function of formatting firmware area tracks
- Add format SA and format SA function with repair SA translator
- Add new family DF4 4KLT, solve the problem of several families test abnormal
- Optimize diagnose model

Hitachi-IBM, version:
-Solve the problem of Hex editor tool bar title display wrong
- Revise some series SA enter address is wrong
- Add the function of search User data enter address

Hitachi-ARM, version:
- Solve the problem of Hex editor tool bar title display wrong
- Add HDD deciphering function
- Solve the bug of edit NV-RAM program breakdown
- Add the function of repair the former after the bad after 2.5' HDD change head

April 23rd 2013
MRT Pro 0423 version, main program version:
Hitachi-IBM module, upgrade to:
- Repair calibrate NV-RAM enter address wrong
- Revise SA overall offset
- Revise the problem of breakdown when kill head

April 15th 2013
MRT Pro 0415 version, main program version:
Hitachi-IBM module, upgrade to:
- Repair the problem of display edit HDD ID wrong
- Add logic scan
- Add the function of formatting record defects
- Add edit defects function
- Revise edit G-List function

WD module, upgrade to: (April 15th)
- Add logic scan test and add into defects table functions
- Add edit defects table function
- Add the function of module address offset and right key menu of module lists
- Improve diagnose model process, add read and write test of ID mode
- Solve more problems of family automatic testing
- Add new families: Jamaica 4KV, Hubble, Firebird, Trails, Tressels
- Improve the function of generate ROM and solve the bug of generate 47 module breakdown
- Add the function of setting current execute item in edit 28 script
- Solve the breakdown point of edit P list, G list and so on, Bug

Toshiba module, upgrade to:
- Add the function of virtual translator; it can be used to read factory module data of DR

Seagate module, upgrade to:
- Add the select interface of family series
- Add Boot Code tools; it can be used to read and write Flash ROM

April 2nd 2013
MRT Pro 0402 version, main program version:
Data Recoverer, version:
- Bug repair: the breakdown of users cancel and then quit when breakdown HDD separate head
- Bug repair: task file is easy to damage
- Bug repair: system breakdown when launch FAT32 file
- Bug repair: source/target device conflict
- Bug repair: certain probability breakdown of program when recalculate bitmap
- Bug repair: sector editor load file breakdown
- Add skip option when scan again

Hitachi-IBM module, upgrade to :
- Repair display items incorrectly when edit SA enter address in NV-RAM
- Revise the abnormal function of calibrate NV-RAM enter address, it maybe a cycle of death in the process of calibration
- Revise promote users if they short circuit PCB board, it may lead head hang up in the condition of not interrupt power in the process of clear password. After revising, the program will power off automatically and then promote users to short circuit PCB board, after connect PCB board, it will power on automatically.
- Revise formatting function
- Add SA overall offset

Hitachi-ARM module, upgrade to:
- Revise notebook HDD display error when edit NV-RAM
- Revise formatting function

WD module, upgrade to:
- Add 2 new methods to “load LDR” and improved diagnose model
- Add new family: Tahoe XL
- Add new function: kill zone
- Head test improved that default fill as safety track and testing
- Default select effective track when backup track, which make backup resource more convenient
- Strengthen edit defect table function; optimize the arithmetic of sort out defect table items
- Revise G list not be emptied after G list to P list
- Solve the problem of small part of families can't be test normally

Toshiba module, upgrade to:
-Add the function of edit P list
-Add the function of edit G list
-Add defect editor, can add into P list or G list by hand
-Add disk scan program, can scan disk defect and put bad sectors into defect table

March 11th 2013
MRT Pro 0311 version, main program version:
MRT Pro 0311 version, main program version:
- Bug repair (urgent): task file damage when quit task
- Bug repair: it may delete task file when running
- Bug repair: launch file system throw untreated exception
- Bug repair: it is hang up click by right key of mouse when use factory program launch file system and throw untreated exception
- Bug repair: it is hang up when lead out FAT32 file system data
- Bug repair: users cancel and quit program breakdown when build new task

Hitachi module, version:
1. Kill head supports 424 series
2. Revise formatting operation
3. Revise the bug of load defect table program from file breakdown
4. Adjust the plan of SA structure testing
5. Revise the function of load LDR function; it needs to interrupt power by hand after finishing load

WD module, upgrade to:
- Revise the bug of some family can't test automatically
- Revise the bug of ROM doesn't save in ROM folder
- Revise the bug of some HDD's ROM directory list can't display normally
- Strengthen the function of rebuild ROM from SA
- Add read data by track and test SA structure
- Further strengthen the function of search SA module, add search module from ABA
- Strength diagnose model, extend its support
- Add new family:DIABL03D

Seagate module
- Add PBA transfer tools
- Translator repair tools add the support for 4K technology HDDs

February 15th 2013
MRT Pro 0215 version, main program version number:
- Replace icon of application program
Data Recoverer, version:
- Improve image, it can image source device into single unit file, unit file size is equal to source device size rather than default size
- Add skip in reverse copy
- Add handle DWF
- Repair bug

Add ROM programmer tools, version:
- Provide the function of basic ROM chip programming unit

WD module, version:
- Repair some problems

Hitachi module, version:
- Repair some problems

Toshiba module, version:
- Add the support for MQ01ABD series
- Add the option of prior read and write ATA, support some HDDs

January 17th 2013
MRT Pro 0117 version
-Add online version

Data Recoverer
- Add switch heads quickly
- Repair bug
WDC module
-L board series modules add the support for more series
Seagate module
-Add read sector function in factory CHS way
Hitachi module
-Repair many bugs

January 9th 2013
MRT Pro 0109 version, main program version number:
- Add the support for IDE interface

Data Recoverer, version:
- Strengthen the stability of target device
- Add files system browser skip files function
- Repair many bugs

Seagate module, version:
- Repair the problem of can't display track list of some 4K technology HDDs
- Add the setting of terminal serial port write in

Hitachi module, version:
- Redesign Hitachi module, solve some problems of old version
- Support kills head better

Hitachi ARM module, version:
- Hitachi ARM module accumulate update

WD L board series module, version:
- Add new module, support older WD L board series HDDs

November 29th 2012
MRT Aple 1129 version, main program version number

Data Recoverer, version:
- Revise the problem of hang up when new-built task in version
- Revise handling of the file name is too long
- Attention: at present DR version has the bug of confuse 0 head and non separate head area when copy separate, we will solve it in next upgrade.

November 14th 2012
Data Recoverer, version:
- Revise a problem in booting

WD module, version:
- Revise the problem of LBA in 53 series display 0

November 13th 2012
MRT Aple 1113 version, main program version number:

Data Recoverer, version:
- Strengthen the stability of file system browser
- Add mark option for file system browser element
- Add effective data image of file system browser

Add Hitachi-IBM, beta, version
- As for new Hitachi module version, Hitachi-IBM beta version provides the function of handles Hitachi HDDs' firmware

WD module, upgrade to
- Add edit RAM head bitmap function

October 31st 2012
MRT Aple 1031 version, main program version number:

Data Recoverer, version:
- Strengthen the stability of file system browser
- Revise the bug of separate head and reverse copy
- Revise the bug of open task fail by the way of MRT IMAGE
- Revise the bug of tool bar update invalid
- Add revise MBR option of target device is system physical disk when new-built task

Add Fujitsu module initial version, version number
- It has common functions of Fujitsu module.

WD module, upgrade to
- Add generate 03 module function

Hitachi-ARM, upgrade to
-Strengthen the function of "virtual translator"
-Strengthen "load LDR function"

Toshiba module, upgrade to
-Add checkout functions of CP module and P list
-Add clear P list function
-Add separate head function
-Add read and write tracks

Seagate module, upgrade to
- Add the function of clear non-resident defect table
- Add repair translator function
- Add testing physical sector function
- Add read and write functions of SA ABA address

October 5th 2012
MRT Aple 105 version, main program version number:
Data Recoverer, version:
- Revise the bug of the task is terminated when host standby in Win7 system
- Revise select device again when build or open task fail
- Revise the bug of locate again after change head option
- Add image method of MRT FILE
- Add fill options of corresponding target device when handle source device bad tracks
- Add automatic save log
- Add right key menu option of bitmap
- Add shortcut address frame of sector editor and load/save sector files
- Revise abnormal when quit task
- Revise many abnormities of file system browser, strengthen stability
- Revise the bug when file system browser "stop" and add "pause" order
- Improve file system browser view
- Add the shortcut key of file system browser and sort file/folder (similar to windows resource manager)
- Add the support of put file/folder to local

Add Toshiba module initial version, version number
- It has common functions of Toshiba module

Add Hitachi-ARM, version number
- It has functions of Hitachi ARM series

August 17th 2012
MRT Aple 817 version, main program version number:
Data Recoverer, version:
- Strengthen stability of disk image
- Revise bug when task initialized
- Revise the bug of order model can't recover automatically after opening task again
- Revise manage power better in factory model
- Add use factory model build task
- Revise the bug of interface is not refurbished after separate head in task parameter attribute page
- Revise the bug of slow speed when scan again
- Revise the bug of lost speed information when imaging
- Revise the bug of sector editor write in target device invalid
- Add clear bitmap menu
- Revise the bug of can't stop when leading in files

Hitachi-IBM, upgrade to
- Revise the function of realize "calibrate enter address"
- Add load LDR function
- Add display default module when module list loading fail

Disk scan tools, upgrade to
- Add format disk, quick erase
- Revise hang up problem when scanned HDD has lots of bad tracks

Seagate module, upgrade to
- Add SA track testing, put LBA into defect table, revise the solution of the former after the bad
- Add write in separate zone function when write tracks

WD module, upgrade to
-Revise boot interface, revise ROM 0A module checkout arithmetic
- Revise diagnose model, add loading LDR 01 module

Add Samsung module initial version, version number0.0.0.1
- It has terminal and clear SMART function

Main program, upgrade to
- Add information display of status lamp current interface

July 20th 2012
MRT Aple 720 initialized version, version number:
Complete version includes common module, DR module, WD module, Seagate module and Hitachi module, totally 5 modules. Common module provides scan disk, view SMART, view HDD information, cut and paste capacity, safety subsystem and other functions. DR module includes functions of high speed copy disk; analyze file system and so on. Other module is professional tools corresponding to HDD brand. This version is initial version.